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Which of the following best explains the molecular structure of solids.
a) Molecules are compacted and moving very fast
b) Molecules are compacted and moving very slow
c) Molecules are spread out and moving very fast
d) Molecules are spreat out and moving very slow

Which of the following numbers have six significant figures (sigfigs)
a) 234000
b) 2340.000
c) 20034.00
d) 2340.00

How many protons does the element Sulfur (S) have?
a) 16
b) 32
c) 48
d) 8

How many neutrons does the element Iron (Fe) have?
a) 26
b) 30
c) 56
d) 86

Convert 1320 mm to m.
a) 132.0 m
b) 13.20 m
c) 1.320 m
d) .1320 m

Which of the following represents when gases turn into liquids
a) evaporation
b) deposition
c) sublimation
d) condensation

If a state of matter with very close molecules and move slowly is heated and changes into a state where the molecules are less compact and move just a little faster is called
a) Freezing
b) Melting
c) Evaporating
d) Condensing

Which of the following is the most precise measurement.
a) 230 ml
b) 231 ml
c) 231.0 ml
d) 231.03 ml

Which of the following correctly states which subatomic particles are in the nucleus.
a) Protons and Electrons
b) Protons and Neutrons
c) Neutrons and Electrons
d) Only Electrons

Which of the following best describes a physical change.
a) The substance molecules stay the same
b) Something new is created
c) The change cannot be reversed
d) The molecules have changed

Which of the following is an example of a Chemical property
a) Flammabilty
b) Ductility
c) Color
d) Density

Which of the following best represents a physical change taking place
a) Wood burning at a campfire
b) Baking a cake in the oven
c) An ice cube melting in the sun
d) Popping popcorn in the microwave

Which of the following would you use to measure the volume of an object?
a) Balance
b) Graduated Cylinder
c) Ruler
d) Dropper

Which of the following is the smallest subatomic particle
a) Proton
b) Neutron
c) Electron
d) They are all equal size

Which of the following are ordered from lowest to highest kinetic energy.
a) Gases, Solids, Liquids
b) Liquids, Solids, Gases
c) Solids, Liquids, Gases
d) Gases, Liquids, Solids.

If a substance is cooled, what effect would that have on the molecules?
a) The kinetic energy will stop all together
b) The kinetic energy will slow down
c) The kinetic energy will remain the same
d) The kinetic energy will speed up

Which of the following correctly describes an electron
a) Negative charge that is larger than protons and neutrons
b) Negative charge that is smaller than protons and neutrons
c) Positive charge that is larger than protons and neutrons
d) Positive charge that is smaller than protons and neutrons.

If George needs to drink 2.2 liters of water a day, how many mL must he drink?
a) 22 mL
b) 220 mL
c) 2,200 mL
d) 22,000 mL

Which of the following would be the most common isotope of Uranium (U)?
a) U 233
b) U 236
c) U 238
d) U 239

In which of the following do the zeros count as a significant figure (sigfig)?
a) 2300
b) 0.0023
c) 230.0
d) 230

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