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What does NMS stand for?
a) Nonmanual symbols
b) Nonmanual signals
c) Not my stuff
d) Nonmanual signs

Facial expressions could convey all of the following except
a) meaning
b) tone
c) grammar
d) time/tense

What is the handshape for the ASL sign for MAD/ANGRY?
a) Closed-5
b) 5
c) Claw-5
d) 1

During ASL conversations, it is most critical that you maintain
a) good hygiene.
b) your vehicle.
c) eye-contact.
d) your sense of purpose.

What is the purpose of the ASL HANDWAVE?
a) To say HELLO.
b) To say GOOD-BYE.
c) To get someone's attention.
d) To cool someone off.

What is the nonmanual marker for the ASL sign CANNOT?
a) Head Shake
b) Head Nod
c) Question-Maker
d) Furrowed Eyebrows

What verb does DEIXIS show?
c) TO BE
d) HE

In the past, what would often happen when Deaf people signed in public?
a) Hearing people would join the conversation.
b) Hearing people would mock and tease the signers.
c) Hearing people would show their fingerspelling skills.
d) Hearing people would tell the signers how beautifully they were signing.

What is the nonmanual marker for the ASL sign for CAN?
a) Head Shake
b) Head Nod
c) Question-Maker
d) Furrowed Eyebrows

Which component is different for the ASL signs UNDERSTAND and DON'T-UNDERSTAND?
a) Handshape
b) Location
c) Movement
d) Nonmanual Signals

The Question-Maker is used with
a) Yes/No Questions
b) Wh-Questions

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