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Chapter 3.2.[print questions]

a) Each allele for a certain characteristic has its own degree of influence.
b) When the dominant trait turns recessive.
c) What happens when two recessive traits are crossed.
d) I have no idea.

What is the name of the tool scientists use to organize all the possible combinations of offspring from particular parents?
a) a Punnett square
b) a flag formation
c) a Venn diagram
d) a hammer

What is the definition of PROBABILITY?
a) The relationship between two numbers often expressed as a fraction.
b) The division of cytoplasm in a cell.
c) The special, normal, or proper activity of a cell part.
d) The likelihood that a possible future event will occur in any given instance of the event.

A plant that has the genotype Pp is said to be
a) smelly
b) different
c) heterozygous
d) a eukaryote

Both inherited alleles together form an organism's ___________________.
a) hair colir
b) genotype
c) blood type
d) skin color

A plant with two dominant (PP) or two recessive (pp) alleles is said to be
a) homozygous
b) short
c) fertile
d) self-pollinating

Dominant alleles are shown with a _______ and recessive alleles are shown with a _______.
a) even number, odd number
b) lowercase letter, capital letter
c) positive sign, negative sign
d) capital letter, lowercase letter

What is the definition of PHENOTYPE?
a) an organism's appearance or other detectable characteristic
b) the height of an organism's body, in centimeters
c) the breakdown of food without the use of oxygen
d) a group of similar cells that perform a common function

One set of instructions for an inherited trait is
a) a characteristic
b) an allele
c) a trait
d) a gene

What are the different forms of a dominant and recessive gene called?
a) alleles
b) characteristics
c) traits
d) outliers

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