Early Astronomy And Big Bang Question Preview (ID: 20410)

Questions Taken From Notes.

___________ is the study of the Universe.
a) Biology
b) Physiology
c) Astonomy
d) Earth Science

Copernicus thought the _________ is at the center of the Universe and all of the planets orbit it.
a) Venus
b) Sun
c) Earth
d) Moon

Ptolemy thought that the ________ was at the center of the Universe and the other planets revolved around it.
a) Venus
b) Sun
c) Earth
d) Moon

Galileo used the telescope to discover ________ revolving around ________.
a) Venus - Earth
b) Earth - Moon
c) Moon - Earth
d) Moons - Jupiter

The phases of Venus proved that the ___________ model of the Universe is correct.
a) Heliocentric
b) Geocentric
c) Star
d) Galaxy

The Big Bang Theory is the scientific idea that the universes started from a small point in space and _________into what we know today.
a) Compacted
b) Created
c) Expanded
d) blew up

Which of the following is NOT true about the Big Bang Theory?
a) It is the most accepted theory for the early development of the universe.
b) The beginning of the universe was a small point in space.
c) The key idea is that the universe is getting smaller.
d) The universe expanded from a tiny point.

The phases of ___________ helped to prove the ___________ Theory.
a) Earth - Geocentric
b) Venus - Geocentric
c) Earth - Heliocentric
d) Earth - Geocentric

There is no ___________ of the Universe.
a) center
b) point
c) size
d) theory

The Heliocentric model made humans feel ______________.
a) important
b) less important
c) great
d) super

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