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Christopher Columbus was boor around ____________ in ____________.
a) 1470, Spain
b) 1520, Asia
c) 1451, Italy
d) 1411, Russia

People at this time believed the world was?
a) Flat
b) Round
c) Square
d) Oval

People of Europe went to India and China for?
a) A. Jewels
b) B. Silks
c) C. Spices
d) A, B, and C

Columbus believed the world was?
a) Flat
b) Round
c) Square
d) Oval

Queen Isabella thought about Columbus's plan for ___________ years?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 5
d) 7

The queen gave Columbus this/these ship(s)?
a) A. Nina
b) B. Pinta
c) C. Santa Maria
d) A, B, and C

When did Columbus find land?
a) October 12, 1942
b) October 21, 1842
c) October 21, 1952
d) October 12, 1492

Columbus thought he landed in?
a) America
b) Mexico
c) India
d) Hawaii

Columbus claimed America in the name of?
a) Spain
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) America

The People of Europe saw America as?
a) New Planet
b) New Continent
c) New Universe
d) New World

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