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what PPE would you are dealing with hazardous caustic solutions?
a) examination gloves, rubber gloves
b) leashes, muzzles, towels
c) safety glasses, eye shields
d) surgical masks

What kind of veterinary practice treats companion animals and large animals?
a) mixed practice
b) companion animal practice
c) mobile pet practice
d) large animal practice

What does PPE stand for?
a) personal protective equipment
b) proper protective equipment
c) personal proper equipment
d) protective proactive equipment

what cant a veterinary assistant do?
a) diagnose diseases
b) understand nutrition and the importance of a proper diet
c) excel at animal restraint
d) have knowledge of common drugs used in the practice

What does OSHA stand for?
a) organization of safety and healthy administration
b) occupational survey and help administration
c) occupational safety and health administration
d) occupational society of health and administration

what is ethics?
a) a law
b) a set of rules
c) special human animal bond
d) moral principles

Who plays the most important role in the veterinary clinic?
a) everyone is equally important
b) veterinarian
c) vet. technician
d) office manager

Responsibilities of a receptionists include
a) determine wants and needs of every client and patient
b) determine if and when clients may be charged for services rendered
c) develop training protocols for the entire team
d) address conflict immediately

What primary federal law enforcement agency responsible for combating the abuse of controlled drugs?
a) drug enforcement agency (DEA)
b) controlled substance act (CSA)
c) comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control act
d) occupational safety and health act (OSHA)

What do you always use when bathing or dipping patients?
a) ventilation fan
b) autoclave
c) masks
d) thyroid collar

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