Language Review #1 Question Preview (ID: 20402)

Students Have To Pick Out The Subject And Predicate Of A Sentence.[print questions]

Which is a complete sentence?
a) I go to school at Brooks Elementary.
b) go to Brooks Elementary.
c) The boys and girls.
d) danced to the music.

Mason and Jordan is a subject or a predicate?
a) subject
b) predicate
c) I don't know
d) None of the above

Which sentence is interrogative (asking)?
a) The teacher asked her students to line up at the door.
b) I love my class!
c) How many teeth does the baby have?
d) Put your book bag on the shelf.

Which sentence is declarative (telling)?
a) How many pencils do you need?
b) Take your paper to the office.
c) What time is the ball game?
d) Hunter likes to play baseball.

What type of sentence is this? Can I come over and play on Saturday?
a) declarative (telling)
b) imperative (bossy)
c) exclamatory (exciting)
d) interrogative (asking)

What is the predicate of the following sentence? My class works really hard.
a) My class
b) My class works
c) works really hard
d) My class is hard.

Which is a complete sentence?
a) Jace is a cute little boy.
b) Runs in the rainforest.
c) The girls in my class.
d) Plays at recess.

What is the subject of the following sentence? The girls like to swing at recess.
a) swing at recess
b) The girls
c) like to swing
d) The girls like to

Have you done your homework yet? What type of sentence is this?
a) exclamatory (exciting)
b) declarative (telling)
c) imperative (bossy)
d) interrogative (asking)

What is the subject of a sentence?
a) who or what the sentence about
b) what they are doing
c) both of these are
d) none of them are

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