CPI Essential Standard 1.01 Evolution Of Computers Question Preview (ID: 20401)

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How would a programming language composed of hexadecimal numbers that will only run on an IBM computer be classified?
a) High Level
b) Low Level
c) Medium Level
d) Very High Level

How would a programming language that allows programs to run on any operating system be classified?
a) High Level
b) Low Level
c) Medium Level
d) Very High Level

How does Visual Basic differ from Basic?
a) Basic is a high level language and Visual Basic is low level.
b) Basic is a newer language than Visual Basic.
c) Visual Basic is an object-oriented language and Basic is not.
d) Visual Basic is easy to learn and Basic is not.

What are advantages of the Visual Basic language?
a) Derived directly from COBOL and Basic
b) Hexadecimal code is understood by the computer
c) Runs only on Apple computers
d) Simple, general purpose, object-oriented

To determine the level of the computer language, compare the language used to the:
a) abstractions the language contains from machine code of 0s and 1s.
b) computer hardware being used.
c) modifications the language will handle.
d) number of variables in the language.

When comparing third and fourth generation computers, which statement BEST summarizes the comparison?
a) Fourth generation computers completely overhauled the third generation use of vacuum tubes.
b) Fourth generation computers function primarily the same way as third generation computers with the exception of the larger si
c) hird generation computer's silicon wafers led to a waffle housing of computers and reduced heat generation in fourth generati
d) The invention of integrated circuits in third generation computers led to the development of micro-processors in the fourth g

Which statement BEST describes how World War II impacted computer development?
a) The need for accuracy of military calculations for the trajectory of artillery shells led government to develop a computer
b) The need for navigational systems to steer troops to landings led to the development of sophisticated computers.
c) The use of vacuum tubes in visual displays during WWI led to the use of tubes in computers.
d) The use of wiring in WWI communication instruments led to a development of computers with wire houses.

What did Ada Byron mean when she said that the Analytical Engine could never originate anything?
a) A machine could not do calculations.
b) A machine could not talk.
c) A machine could not think.
d) A machine could not make decisions.

Why were magnetic tapes used to replace punch cards in Second Generation computers?
a) Increased computer memory
b) Increased cost of production
c) Increased manual labor
d) Increased reliability

What characteristic of electro-mechanical devices positively impacted their success?
a) Binary numbers
b) Electricity use
c) Logic patterns
d) Magnetic tape use

The Stepped Reckoner was never mass produced because:
a) no investor saw a need for these types of devices.
b) the raw materials in mechanical devices were hard to find.
c) they broke when used causing cost production issues.
d) they frequently jammed or malfunctioned causing reliability of data issues.

A computer program that stores the names of 5,000 customers for a business would MOST LIKELY be written in what language?
c) SQL
d) Pascal

The need to perform what tasks led to the development of the first mechanical devices?
a) Mathematical computations
b) Decision structures
c) Logic
d) Sequencing

What language does the code in this example represent? fib: mov edx, esp+8 cmp edx, 0 ja @f move ax, 0
a) Assembly language
b) C#
c) Machine Language
d) Visual Basic

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