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what color of hair does a noblewomen wear?
a) brown
b) blonde
c) red
d) ombre

who was C.J. Walker?
a) a slave
b) creater of hair products
c) invented blow dryers
d) hairdresser

Who was the first civilized culture beauty into an extravagant fashion?
a) Egypians
b) Chinese
c) Greeks
d) Ice age

During the middle ages, where did women not wear makeup?
a) nose
b) eyes
c) lips
d) cheeks

Up untill the nineteenth century, barbers performed which of the following of the following services?
a) dentistry,phycology and shopping
b) haircutting and ombre haircoloring
c) shave heads and legs
d) minor surgery, haircutting and dentistry

Who invented the curling iron?
a) Ms. Hall
b) Marcel Grateau
c) ronald reagan
d) elvis Presley

When was the first haircoloring product introduced?
a) ice age
b) 300 BC
c) 2001
d) 1932

a) hfuwehof;oqjehfureih
b) nllnlekff fnifoj
c) efhewhfl;f
d) jehffqff;j

dihoiejwf dhh;k;qwk npookfk jlnhlfef nf wlkfnlj'
a) hfif;jqj
b) jefoijfpqj'
c) foj3mfpooqk
d) ruoij

a) dmdmddl
b) kdjdkdld;d.
c) jdkdld;d;d
d) mdkdldldl

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