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Which style was famous for the wrap around porch
a) English
b) French
c) Native American
d) Tudor

Who brought the dormer windows to American design?
a) French
b) Dutch/German
c) English
d) Swedish

Which style was primarily used by the wealthy?
a) Early Classical Revival
b) Chateauesque
c) Tudor
d) Mission

Which style was designed to stand out from it's surroundings?
a) Priaire
b) International
c) Early Classical Revival
d) Tudor Style

Thomas Jefferson coined this style
a) Prairie Style
b) English Style
c) Georgian Style
d) Early Classical Revival Style

What is the Native American home that was shaped like a cone and could be easily taken apart and moved?
a) Tepee
b) Wigwam
c) longhouse
d) Pueblo

____ is an early Spanish builidng material made of soft porous limestone composed of shell and coral.
a) Ell
b) Stucco
c) Coquina
d) Pediment

This style was known for it's massive chimneys
a) Mission
b) International
c) Early Classical Revival
d) Tudor

This feature was an extension built at right angles onto a cape cod
a) Pediment
b) Pilisters
c) Cornice
d) Ell

This was the lacy-like trim used in the Gothic stlye for decoration.
a) Gingerbread
b) Cornice
c) Portico
d) Pediment

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