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Review For Scientific Method, Data Analysis, Information Sources, And Metric Measurement.[print questions]

The word that is synonymous with optimum would be:
a) slowest
b) negative
c) best
d) average

An example of qualitative data would be:
a) 6.7 centimeters
b) 10 degrees Celsius
c) 45 liters
d) yellow flowers

The appropriate metric unit used to measure the mass of an ant would be:
a) Milligram
b) Milliliter
c) Millimeter

The difference between a hypothesis and a theory is that
a) the hypothesis doesn't have as much experimental support as a theory does.
b) the hypothesis can be tested but a theory can't.
c) a theory is proven to be true but a hypothesis is still being tested.
d) a hypothesis is based on observation and a theory is based on inference.

Which of the following is an inference?
a) It is raining outside.
b) The snake is 15 cm in length.
c) The fruit weighs 48 grams.
d) The dog growled because it was afraid.

Metric base unit that is used to measure volume.
a) Gram
b) Liter
c) Meter
d) Degrees Celsius

If yellow light bulbs are used, fewer bugs will be attracted to the porch. What is the independent variable?
a) The amount of bugs attracted.
b) The porch.
c) The yellow light bulb.
d) This has no independent variable.

Three plots of corn are planted. Plot A gets 10 lbs of fertilizer, plot B gets 15 lbs of fertilizer. If plot C is the control, how much fertilizer should it receive?
a) Zero pounds because it is a control group.
b) 20 pounds because it is the next amount in the trend.
c) 50% organic fertilizer and 50% artificial fertilizer.
d) Plot C gets the same amount as plot A but spread out over several weeks.

In order to collect valid data, scientists use the most accurate equipment available and large sample groups. What does valid mean?
a) quantitative
b) good
c) qualitative
d) metric

The range for this set of data (20, 14, 47. 44) is:
a) 125
b) 61
c) 31
d) 27

The mean average for this set of data (20, 14, 47, 44) is
a) 125
b) 61
c) 31
d) 27

If Miss Liffick is searching for information about the risk of getting rabies in Louisa County, the best source of information would most likely be:
a) An article in National Geographic about the Ebola outbreak in Africa.
b) A page in Wikipedia on how the disease is spread from animals to humans.
c) A search for the number of local cases of rabies at the Louisa County Health Department.
d) A conversation with her health care provider about a rabies vaccine.

Quantitative data is more valid than qualitative data.
a) True
b) False

The importance of a control in an experiment is that it provides:
a) an alternative explanation for the data.
b) a new variable to be tested.
c) a dependent variable to be collected.
d) a comparison group to see if the independent variable had any effect.

Mrs. J tests the effect of light on the growth of radish seeds. She places 50 seeds in a dark petri dish and 50 seeds in a clear petri dish. She waters each dish with 10 ml of water and places them in the window for 48 hours. ID a constant.
a) The amount of seeds in each dish.
b) The dark petri dish.
c) The clear petri dish.

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