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Mendel used plants that were true-breeding for different traits in his first series of cross-pollination. The offspring from such a cross are called
a) first-generation plants.
b) dominant trait plants.
c) special plants.
d) section A plants.

The offspring from Mendel's first set of experiments always showed one trait while the other seemed the fade. The trait that seemed to show was called the ___________ and the one that faded was called the _______________.
a) strong trait, weak trait
b) recessive trait, dominant trait
c) open trait, closed trait
d) dominant trait, recessive trait

How did Mendel ensure the plants in his first experiment would cross-pollinate? (And not self-pollinate.)
a) He kept them in the same area of the garden.
b) He gave them sugar water if they did what he wanted.
c) He removed the anthers of one plant so that plant would not self pollinate.
d) He carefully removed the petals of the flowers he was studying so nothing would get in the way of the cross-pollination.

The different forms of a _______ are called _________.
a) characteristic, traits
b) characteristic, types
c) flower, styles
d) cat, colorful

In cross pollination,
a) pollen from one plant fertilizes the ovule of a flower on the same plant.
b) pollen from one plant fertilizes the ovule of a flower on a different plant.
c) the stigma of one plant is removed.
d) nothing happens.

Mendel used ______________ to study patterns of __________.
a) flowers, colors
b) flowers, heredity
c) pea plants, colors
d) pea plants, heredity

A 'self-pollinating' plant
a) is always white.
b) has an odd number of leaves.
c) has both male and female reproductive structures.
d) can grow without water.

When a ________________ self-pollinates, all of its offspring will have the same trait as the parent.
a) pea plant
b) true-breeding plant
c) plant on steroids
d) honey bee

What did Mendel do before working with heredity?
a) entered a monastery
b) traveled around the world
c) was the first person to touch the ocean floor
d) worked with rocks and studied volcanoes

What is the passing of genetic traits from parent to offspring?
a) ratio
b) heredity
c) genetics
d) dominant

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