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Review Of Class Polices, Procedures, And Expectations. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Will this be a good school year?
a) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b) NO

What items do you need everyday?
a) Pen/Pencil and Science Spiral
b) Science Spiral and Textbook
c) Pen/Pencil and Textbook
d) Pen/Pencil, Science Spiral, and Textbook

When we use the netbooks what should you remember to do?
a) Take the netbook assigned to you
b) Walk with the netbook closed
c) Return the netbook to the correct slot and plug it in
d) All of the above

Which category is worth the largest part of your grade?
a) Homework
b) Tests
c) Class work
d) Quizzes

What color uniform shirt is NOT allowed?
a) Light Blue
b) Yellow
c) Navy
d) White

If you're absent how do you get your work?
a) Ask me
b) From the bin
c) Edmodo
d) You don't

If you are asked to place an item in the laundry basket when can you get it back?
a) At the end of class
b) At the end of the day
c) Your parent has to pick it up
d) Never

What do you do when you enter the class?
a) Record objectives
b) Write down homework
c) Begin board work
d) All of the above

When will I take late work?
a) If your parent brings it
b) If you forgot it in your locker
c) If you left it in another class
d) NEVER (except for science fair)

If your phone gets taken when do you get it back?
a) At the end of class
b) At the end of the day
c) Your parent has to get it

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