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Which word refers to all the small bodies inside a cell?
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleus
c) organelles
d) protists

Why are cells so small?
a) Small objects have a higher surface area to volume ratio.
b) Large objects have a higher surface area to volume ratio.
c) So they can move around better.
d) So their metabolism will be slower.

What are the prokaryotes that are the smallest cells on earth and are cells that live everywhere?
a) protists
b) archaea
c) bacteria
d) plants

What is another name for the hereditary material found in cells?
a) metabolism
b) genetics material
c) ribosomes
d) methane

What is the name of the protective layer found in all cells that encloses the cytoplasm?
a) organelles
b) ribosomes
c) nucleus
d) cell membrane

Which of the following groups of cells never have a cell wall?
a) bacteria
b) protists
c) plants
d) animals

Which type of cell is described to be more rounded due to its lack of a cell wall?
a) Plant
b) Animal
c) bacteria
d) protist

Where is the genetic material found in a eukaryotic cell?
a) scattered in the cytoplasm
b) in the ribosomes
c) in the nucleus
d) in the cell membrane

Which of the following terms refers to things inside a cell?
a) intercellular
b) extracellular
c) intracellular
d) unicellular

Why are prokaryotic cells said to be more simple than eukaryotic cells?
a) Prokaryotic cells are all alike.
b) Prokaryotic cells all live in harsh environments.
c) Prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus.
d) Prokaryotic cells have many organelles.

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