Realidades Para Empezar Vocabulary Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 20367)

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Buenos días
a) My name is
b) Good afternoon
c) Good evening
d) Good morning

a) Summer
b) Winter
c) Fall
d) Season

Mucho Gusto
a) What is your name
b) My name is
c) Pleased to meet you
d) Good evening

a) Winter
b) Season
c) Fall
d) Summer

Por Favor
a) Please
b) Thank you
c) What day is today
d) How many

a) Year
b) Month
c) Day
d) Week

a) Year
b) Week
c) Month
d) Day

a) Professor
b) Year
c) Student
d) Notebook

a) Nothing
b) Likewise
c) Notebook
d) Pencil

Hace calor
a) It's windy
b) It's hot
c) It's cold
d) it's snowing

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