Unit One- Connecting Themes Question Preview (ID: 20364)

Geography.[print questions]

Deforestation, acid rain, and pollution are part of the enduring theme of ______________________.
a) culture
b) conflict and change
c) human-environment interaction
d) location

Moving from one country to another is called _________________________.
a) immigration
b) deforestation
c) culture
d) conflict

English, hotdogs, and Christianity are examples of ____________________.
a) migration
b) location
c) government
d) culture

A legal member of a country is called a ___________________.
a) migrant
b) citizen
c) producer
d) Christian

Migration is caused by _______________________.
a) conflict
b) natural disaster
c) economics
d) all of the answers given

Which enduring theme involves war and the changes it might bring?
a) culture
b) location
c) conflict
d) migration

Name the enduring theme that identifies a person's religion, language, and favorite food.
a) conflict
b) location
c) migration
d) culture

Which enduring theme is about people moving from one location to another?
a) conflict
b) culture
c) location
d) movement and migration

Conflict usually causes __________________.
a) change
b) production
c) service
d) culture

Most people migrate to find __________________.
a) jobs
b) houses
c) warm weather
d) peace

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