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What type of colony was Maryland?
a) Proprietary
b) Joint-stock
c) Charter
d) Democratic

What was their religion?
a) No Central Religion
b) Protestant
c) Baptist
d) Methodist

What year was Maryland founded?
a) 1776
b) 1719
c) 1633
d) 2004

Major export from Maryland:
a) Tocacco
b) Squash
c) Beans
d) Peaches

How many people were in Maryland?
a) 1000+
b) 583
c) 754
d) 1

What is modern Marylands's Main Industry?
a) Agriculture
b) Manufacturing
c) Textiles
d) Cooking

Modern Attraction:
a) Museums
b) Tug-of-war
c) Racing
d) Fishing

Maryland was where?
a) Middle Earth
b) New England
c) Middle
d) Southern

Their original purpose for colonization was:
a) Religious freedom, especially for Puritans
b) Religious freedom, especially for Catholics
c) Trade and Profit
d) To ball for life #Hooplife

Maryland was originally founded by ____.
a) Lord Baltimore
b) Lord Voldemort
c) Queen Mary
d) Bubblebum Princess

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