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What is modern Delaware's Main Industry?
a) Movies
b) Farming and Fishing
c) Education
d) Relaxation

Modern Attraction:
a) Tourism
b) Food
c) Fashion
d) Break-dancing

How many people were in Delaware
a) 1 person
b) 485,543
c) 1,585,294
d) Over 900,000

Their colonial daily life mainly consisted of:
a) Agriculture
b) fishing
c) Bob-sledding
d) Surfing

Major export from Delaware:
a) Cattle
b) Tobacco
c) Corn
d) Pottery

What type of colony was Delaware?
a) Proprietary
b) Joint-stock
c) Royal
d) Charter

Their original purpose for colonization was:
a) Religious freedom for Separatists
b) Trade and Profit
c) Religious freedom for Catholics
d) Religious and economic freedom

Delware was originally founded by ____.
a) Japan
b) The Netherlands
c) Sweden
d) Spain

What was their religion
a) Baptist
b) Scientology
c) Protestant
d) That had no central religion

Delaware was where?
a) Southern
b) Middle
c) New England
d) Equator

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