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Lisa solved 448 math problems for homework over 28 days. If she solved the same number of problems each day, how many problems did she solve per day?
a) 18 problems
b) 16 problems
c) 20 problems
d) 15 problems

CHARITY Luis was in charge of collecting money for a group of charities. He collected $979 for 11 charities. If the money was divided evenly, how much was given to each charity?
a) $56
b) $48
c) $89
d) $38

MEALS Sandra helped serve meals to 25 families. Each family received the same amount of food. If she served 275 pounds of food, how many pounds of food did each family receive?
a) 11 pounds
b) 15 pounds
c) 16 pounds
d) 22 pounds

SALARY Joshua works for a computer company and receives an annual salary of $38,480. He receives 26 equal pay checks during the year. How much does he receive in each pay check?
a) $4,657
b) $1,274
c) $1.890
d) $1,480

FOOTBALL The football team is raising money to have a new turf field installed. The cost of the turf field is $48,780. The team has 18 months to raise the money. How much do they need to raise each month?
a) $4,892
b) $6,781
c) $2,710
d) $7,891

WINDOWS A window washing company has a contract to wash 3,082 windows on a 23-story building. If there are the same number of windows on each floor, how many windows are there on each floor?
a) 134 windows
b) 145 windows
c) 102 windows
d) 136 windows

TRAVEL Mr. Santiago has a flight from New York to Paris that covers a distance of 3,636 miles. If the plane travels at 520 miles per hour, about how long will it take to get to Paris?
a) about 7 hours
b) about 10 hours
c) about 13 hours
d) about 9 hours

DELIVERIES Mr. Thomas is delivering bricks to a construction site. His truck holds 387 bricks at one time. The builder has ordered 2,800 bricks. How many trips will Mr. Thomas have to make to deliver all the bricks?
a) 9 trips
b) 15 trips
c) 17 trips
d) 8 trips

READING Keri is reading a novel that has 650 pages. She has 25 days to finish the book. If Keri reads the same number of pages each day, how many pages does she read each day?
a) 34 pages
b) 26 pages
c) 16 pages
d) 18 pages

SEATING The new baseball stadium holds 64,506 people. There are 26 gates where people enter the ballpark. The same number of people entered each gate. How many people entered the first gate?
a) 1,293 people
b) 2,481 people
c) 5,827 people
d) 2,684 people

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