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What is the language used by Arab people?
a) Arabic
b) Spanish
c) Mandarin
d) Russian

What language is spoken in Austria and Germany?
a) Spanish
b) Germany
c) Arabic
d) Portuguese

Where is English spoken (as a first language)?
a) China
b) Russia
c) England
d) France

Which language is spoken in Hungary?
a) Italian
b) Hungarian
c) Arabic
d) Urdu

Which of these countries speaks Spanish as a 1st language?
a) Italy
b) Portugal
c) Mexico
d) Scotland

A person from Poland is ……..
a) American
b) Portuguese
c) Argentinian
d) Polish

The language in Russia is…..
a) English
b) Italian
c) Russian
d) Spanish

Wales is..
a) a country in the UK
b) a city in Italy
c) a vegetable
d) a language from the USA

A Brazilian person speaks...
a) Brazilian
b) Portuguese
c) Spanish
d) Italian

A Canadian person speaks...
a) Spanish only
b) French and/or English
c) Russian and Chinese
d) Arabic only

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