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WH Chapter 1 Set 3 - European Renaissance And Reformation.[print questions]

Which of the following was agreed upon at the Council of Trent?
a) The Catholic Church's interpretation of the Bible was final.
b) German princes had the authority to determine the religion of those who lived in their lands.
c) Selling indulgences was always a legitimate practice.
d) Church and state should be separate.

Which of these was one of Luther's main beliefs?
a) All people with Christian faith were equal.
b) Good works are more important than faith in getting to heaven.
c) Only adult baptism is valid.
d) Humans are sinful by nature.

Which of the following was a major reason for the Reformation?
a) European merchants resented paying taxes to the Church in Rome.
b) Pope Leo X was threatening to excommunicate the king of France.
c) The pope in Rome insisted that all of Europe speak only Latin.
d) Martin Luther claimed that he could interpret the Bible better than the pope.

Which of the following correctly matches the author with something s/he wrote?
a) Thomas More and Utopia
b) Christine de Pizan and Hamlet
c) William Shakespeare and The Praise of Folly
d) Desiderius Erasmus and Gargantua and Pantagruel

WHich of Martin Luther's ideas was most influential on John Calvin?
a) People can not do enough good acts to earn their way to heaven.
b) All believers are equal in the eyes of God - there is no hierarchy.
c) The sale of indulgences is, in itself, sinful.
d) Priests are not necessary to interpret the Bible for other Christians.

Who declared himself the head of the English Church?
a) Henry VIII
b) Thomas More
c) Martin Luther
d) John Knox

Which Catholic Reformer founded the Jesuit order?
a) Ignatius of Loyola
b) Pope Paul IV
c) Girolamo Savonarola
d) Katarina Zell

Why was block printing more useful in Europe than in China?
a) European languages had a smaller number of characters than Chinese.
b) Chinese paper was difficult to print on.
c) The Chinese had invented movable type but not the printing press.
d) All of these are true.

During the Renaissance, artists were often supported by wealthy people known as
a) patrons.
b) humanists.
c) Renaissance men.
d) secularists.

Gutenberg's invention of the ________ made possible the quick spread of ideas.
a) printing press
b) vernacular
c) perspective art
d) English Bible

In England, the king was declared to be the head of the _____ Church .
a) Anglican
b) Lutheran
c) Catholic
d) Presbyterian

The Act of Supremacy was passed during the reign of
a) Henry VIII.
b) Elizabeth I
c) James I
d) Mary I

The name Anabaptist is from the Greek for
a) baptize again.
b) no place.
c) do not baptize.
d) faith, good works, and baptism

The Renaissance in northern Europe lagged behind the Renaissance in Italy because of .
a) wars and concentrated political power.
b) the bubonic plague.
c) colder weather prevented outdoor art performances.
d) significantly lower literacy rates.

To set aside a marriage as having not been legal is to ____ the marriage.
a) annul
b) recant
c) end (by divorce)
d) consecrate

Utopia, the title of a book by Thomas More, has come to mean _____.
a) an ideal place
b) no place
c) a place that does not exist
d) a sinful place

When _____ fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, scholars fled to Rome with ancient Greek manuscripts.
a) Constantinople
b) Jerusalem
c) Athens
d) Egypt

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