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Which of these is not a part of the mass?
a) Liturgy of the word
b) Liturgy of the Eucharist
c) Reconciliation
d) Concluding rites

What is the purpose of a sign?
a) To deliver a message
b) To cause confusion
c) To introduce a new idea
d) To show someone's name

What was the symbol of God in the story of Moses and the burning bush
a) Burning Bush
b) His sheep
c) His beard started to tingle
d) The rock

What did God promise Moses
a) Years worth of money
b) A wife and Children
c) A promised land
d) To pass his tests

What's the difference between a sign and a symbol?
a) A sign tells you one thing and a symbol tells you many things
b) A sign tells you multiple thing and a symbol tells one thing

What is the cultural symbol your learnt about for the pacific islands
a) Feet binding
b) Partying
c) Christmas
d) Hair cutting

Through what did Bede Griffith see God
a) the ocean
b) Nature
c) The stars
d) His friend

How is God present in meal times
a) Through the food
b) Through the company
c) Through the prayers
d) All of the answers

What is Te whare tupuna
a) Ancestral Meeting house
b) School
c) Church
d) Family

What is a Ritual
a) A party
b) A gathering
c) Certain things done in specific ways
d) A sign

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