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a) feeling sorry for someone else's troubles
b) a symbol that represents America
c) a road that leads to the west
d) an instrument that you clap together

a) moved to a place and made it your home
b) calmed down
c) something you put tea in
d) a set of cups

a) yourr eyes
b) a place out west
c) things or places seen
d) a telescope for seeing things closer

a) a fire that burns down a camp
b) an outdoor fire that provides warmth and cooking
c) a place to sing songs
d) a place to go at night to eat s'mores

wagon train
a) a small vehicle that you put children in
b) many wagons
c) horses that pull a carriage
d) a line of trains traveling together

a) a group of horses
b) the tracks wagons make
c) herds of buffalo
d) the things you own or your belongings

a) the back of a wagon train
b) very tired
c) full of energy
d) feeling disappointed

it could be worse
a) it could be much better
b) more terrible things could have happened
c) worried about the day
d) the future is looking bright

chilled to the bone
a) cold lemonade
b) cold bones
c) feeling very cold
d) chicken bones used in chili

a) a neighborhood
b) a long trip
c) a worn out path
d) a ride in a car

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