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what is a beggar?
a) a stopper made out of bark
b) a river in India
c) A poor person who begs for things.
d) a frown of disapproval.

What is silt?
a) deep suffering
b) a river that flows through China
c) A mixture of soil, sand and clay
d) a feeling of sadness

if something is durable it...
a) is strong and made to last
b) is meant to be used once then thrown away
c) is a symbol of a picture
d) should be recognized as common

What does an archer do?
a) bend their back a long way
b) shoot a bow an arrow
c) swim in a river
d) have good fortune

Which of these is a venture?
a) cleaning your room
b) fighting a forest fire
c) taking a bike ride
d) going on a family vacation

sacred means...
a) not very special
b) very expensive
c) holy, used to worship God
d) wide spread

If something is contrary, it...
a) the opposite of what was said
b) the same as what was said
c) is unable to focus
d) is not right or fair

What is someone doing if they bawl?
a) laughing out of control
b) crying loudly
c) fighting with someone
d) feeling wonderful

a source is...
a) a store where your parents buy things
b) snuggly and comfortable
c) full of activity
d) where or why something begins

common means
a) doesn't happen often
b) widely known
c) a place where your family eats dinner
d) a river in the center of India

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