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Which fields deals with conscious thought?
a) Humanism
b) Cognitive Psychology
c) Psychoanalysis
d) Behaviorism

Which of the following is considered a neurotransmitter?
a) Endorphins
b) Glucose
c) Insulin
d) Serotonin

Which form of psychology deals with chemicals in order to change brain physiology?
a) Humanism
b) Biopsychological
c) Psychoanalysis
d) Cognitive Psychology

Who helped to create the psychological field of humanism?
a) B.F. Skinner
b) James B. Watson
c) Carl Rogers
d) Sigmund Freud

What does psyche mean?
a) The human mind.
b) The human body.
c) Trickery of the mind.
d) A mental illness.

Who conducted studies on Little Albert?
a) B.F. Skinner
b) James W. Watson
c) Mary Calkins
d) Carl Rogers

Who created the idea of the unconscious?
a) Sigmund Freud
b) B.F.Skinner
c) Carl Rogers
d) James B. Watson

Which of the following psychologists created the first laboratory studying humans?
a) Carl Jung
b) Sigmund Freud
c) James Watson
d) Wilhelm Wundt

What does OLOGY mean?
a) It is a suffix with no meaning.
b) It means scientific study.
c) It means the study of.
d) It means the scientific method.

What does psychology mean?
a) The study of the mind and brain.
b) The scientific study of mental processes and behavior.
c) The study of mental illness and processes of the brain.
d) Human behavior in relation to genetics.

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