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In which state do the Greasers and Socials live?
a) Georgia
b) New York
c) Rhode Island
d) Oklahoma

Who is the youngest member of the Greasers?
a) Johnny
b) Ponyboy
c) Sodapop
d) Steve

What type of weapon did Bob use when the Socs jumped Johnny?
a) His gun
b) His knife
c) His rings
d) His bat

In which grade is Sodapop?
a) He is in the 10th grade.
b) He is in the 12th grade.
c) He withdrew.
d) He graduated.

What happened that made Johnny so jumpy?
a) He was beaten by his father.
b) He was punched by Dally.
c) He was jumped by the Socs
d) He was whipped by his mom.

After the movie the girls didn't have a way home. Two-Bit gallantly offered them a ride home. What does gallantly mean in the sentence?
a) Gently
b) Stubbornly
c) Calmly
d) Gentlemanly

Johnny told Dally to leave Cherry alone. Dally scowled and stormed off. What part of speech is scowled in the sentence?
a) Adj
b) Noun
c) Verb
d) Adv

Dally came back with an armful of cokes, and he gave one to Cherry. She gave him an incredulous look, and threw her coke in his face. What does incredulous mean in the sentence?
a) Unbelievable
b) UnGrateful
c) Appreciative
d) Accepting

Mickey Mouse was mean. He liked to kick the other horses. I have an ornery pony. What does ornery mean in the sentence?
a) Gentle
b) Scary
c) Furious
d) Stubborn

I heard a muttered curse and got slugged again. What part of the speech is the word muttered?
a) Adv
b) Adj
c) Verb
d) Noun

True or False: Ponyboy and Sodapop are nicknames?
a) False
b) True

What do the Greasers think is the difference between the words tough and tuff?
a) Tough means strong, and tuff means cool.
b) Tough means rough, and tuff means cool.
c) Tough means cool, and tuff means hard.
d) Tough means powerful, and tuff means special.

What happened after Pony came home past his curfew?
a) Soda slapped him.
b) Darry hugged him.
c) Darry slapped him.
d) Soda hugged him.

How did the Curtis' parents die?
a) In a pool drowning
b) In a shootout
c) In a house fire
d) In a car accident

How does Darry feel about Pony from Pony's point of view?
a) He hates him.
b) He loves him.
c) He is afraid of him.
d) He is sad for him.

What is the name of the two social classes in the novel?
a) Freaks and Geeks
b) Jackets and Bulldogs
c) Socials and Greasers
d) Bloods and Crips

What are the names of the girls that Pony, Johnny, and Dally met at the drive-in?
a) Cherry and Maria
b) Marcia and Cherice
c) Cherub and Marnie
d) Marcia and Cherry

Which of the following people is not a Greaser?
a) Steve
b) Bob
c) Sylvia
d) Sandy

Who is the narrator of the novel?
a) Ponyboy Curtis
b) Sodapop Curtis
c) Mickeymouse Curtis
d) Darry Curtis

What do Pony and Cherry both say they like to do?
a) Watch sunsets
b) Take walks
c) Read novels
d) Play sports

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