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Living corals are found in warm shallow seas. Coral fossils have been found in the sedimentary rocks of Alaska. These findings suggest that
a) Alaska once had a tropical marine environment
b) ocean currents carried the coral to Alaska
c) coral usually develops in cold climates
d) Alaska's cold climate fossilized the coral

Which feature in a rock layer is older than the rock layer?
a) rock fragments
b) mineral veins
c) igneous intrusions
d) faults

Which two forms of life existed together on the Earth during the same time period? Refer to the Earth Science Reference Tables.
a) mastodons and flowering plants
b) trilobites and mastodons
c) dinosaurs and trilobites
d) trilobites and birds

An unconformity between two sedimentary layers is most likely produced by
a) uplift followed by extensive erosion, submergence, and deposition
b) a period of extrusive vulcanism followed by another period of extrusive vulcanism
c) continuous sedimentation in a deep basin over a long period
d) the deposition of gravel followed by the deposition of sand and silt

The primary cause of convection currents in the Earth's mantle is believed to be the
a) differences in densities of earth materials
b) rotation of the Earth
c) subsidence of the crust
d) occurence of earthquakes

Which is suggested by the occurrence of higher than average temperature below the surface of the Earth in the area of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
a) the existence of convection cells in the mantle
b) the presence of heat due to orographic effect
c) the existence of a thinner crust under mountains
d) a high concentration of magnetism in the mantle

The grouping of rocks as igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic is based primarily upon differences i
a) origin
b) age
c) size
d) hardness

According to the Earth Science Reference Tables , which sedimentary rock is composed of fragmented skeletons and shells of sea organisms compacted and cemented together?
a) limestone
b) sandstone
c) granite
d) marble

Extremely small crystal grains in an igneous rock are an indication that the crystals formed
a) over a short period of time
b) deep below the surface of the Earth
c) under high pressure
d) from an iron-rich magma

An area of gentle slopes and rounded mountaintops is most likely due to
a) climatic conditions
b) earthquakes
c) the age of the bedrock
d) the amount of folding

Approximately how long does an earthquake P-wave take to travel the first 6500 kilometers after the earthquake occurs?
a) 10.0 min
b) 6.5 min
c) 8.2 min
d) 12.5 min

What is the deepest part of the ocean that is formed when an oceanic plate subducts under a continental plate?
a) an oceanic trench
b) a seafloor spreading center
c) a mountain range
d) a transform plate boundary

Which member of the solar system most strongly affects Earth's ocean tides?
a) the moon
b) the Sun
c) the Earth
d) Venus

A material's resistance to flow is called
a) viscosity
b) the Coriolis Effect
c) friction
d) density

If the spectral lines produced by the light from a distant galaxy are
a) are shifted toward the red, the galaxy is moving away from us
b) are shifted toward the red, the galaxy is moving toward us
c) shifted toward the blue, the galaxy is moving away from us
d) shifted toward the blue, the galaxy is stationary

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