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A Review Of Summer School Subjects We Covered In 2014.

Low pressure systems are associated with
a) Cloudy weather
b) Dry weather
c) Varied weather
d) Clear skies

An air temperature of 95C most often exists in which layer of the atmosphere?
a) thermosphere
b) mesosphere
c) troposphere
d) stratosphere

What are the two most abundant elements by mass found in Earth's crust?
a) oxygen and silicon
b) aluminum and iron
c) sodium and chlorine
d) calcium and carbon

The best evidence that the Earth has a spherical shape would be provided by
a) photographs of the Earth taken from space
b) he time the Earth takes to rotate on its axis at different times of the year
c) the change in the time of sunrise and sunset at a single location during 1 year
d) the prevailing wind direction at many locations on the Earth's surface

How are latitude and longitude lines drawn on a globe of the Eart h ?
a) Latitude lines are parallel and longitude lines meet at the poles
b) Longitude lines are parallel and latitude lines meet at the Equator
c) Latitude lines are parallel and longitude lines meet at the Equator
d) Longitude lines are parallel and latitude lines meet at the poles

Ozone is concentrated in Earth's atmosphere at an altitude of 20 to 35 kilometers . W hich atmos pheric layer contains the greatest concentration of ozone?
a) stratosphere
b) thermosphere
c) mesosphere
d) troposphere

A t which location will the highest altitude of the star Polaris be observed?
a) Arctic Circle
b) Equator
c) Tropic of Cancer
d) New York State

Based on observations made in the Northern Hemisphere, which statement is the best supporting evidence that the Earth rotates on its axis?
a) The stars appear to follow daily circular paths around Polaris
b) The seasons(spring, summer, fall, and winter) repeat in a cyclic pattern
c) The apparent solar diameter varies throughout the year
d) The length of the daylight period varies throughout the year

New York State has several more hours of daylight in summer than in winter. Which statement helps explain this observation?
a) The Earth is tilted on its axis
b) The speed of the Earth in its orbit changes
c) The distance between the Earth and the Sun varies
d) The diameter of the Sun appears to change

Which statement best describes the geocentric model of our solar system?
a) The Earth is located at the center of the model
b) All planets revolve around the Sun
c) All planets except the Earth revolve around the Sun
d) The Sun is located at the center of the model

The planets known as gas giants include Jupiter, Uranus, and
a) Saturn
b) Earth
c) Mars
d) Pluto

The Moon has more surface craters than Earth does because the Moon has
a) no significant atmosphere
b) a smaller diameter than Earth
c) a surface more sensitive to impacts
d) a stronger gravitational force

Which member of the solar system has a diameter of 3.48 x 10^3 kilometers?
a) Earth's Moon
b) Jupiter
c) Earth
d) Mercury

The surface of Venus is much hotter than would be expected, considering its distance from the Sun. Which statement best explains this condition?
a) The atmosphere of Venus contains a high percentage of carbon dioxide
b) Venus has many active volcanoes
c) The clouds of Venus are highly reflective
d) Venus has a slow rate of rotation

Which factor has the least effect on the weathering of a rock?
a) the number of fossils found in the rock
b) composition of the rock
c) exposure of the rock to the atmosphere
d) climatic conditions

As the gradient of a stream increases, the stream's ability to carry sedimen
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains the same

Which change in the climate of New York State would most likely cause the greatest increase in chemical weathering of local b
a) greater precipitation in summer
b) lower humidity in winter
c) lower temperature in winter
d) higher atmospheric pressure in summer

What is the slowest stream velocity necessary for a stream to carry the smallest boulders? Refer to the Earth Science Reference Tables.
a) 300 cm/sec
b) 800 cm/sec
c) 100 cm/sec
d) 1000 cm/sec

Which change would cause the topsoil in New York State to increase in thickness?
a) an increase in biological activity
b) a decrease in air temperature
c) a decrease in rainfall
d) an increase in slope

As warm, moist air moves into a region, barometric pressure readings in the region will generally
a) decreases
b) increases
c) stays the same

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