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“The United States will conquer Mexico but it will be as the man who swallows the arsenic which brings him down in turn. Mexico will poison us.” How does the quote from Emerson reflect the view of those who opposed the Mexican War?
a) Many citizens believed it would trigger a battle over the expansion of slavery.
b) Congress believed it would increase the power of the U.S. president.
c) Congress believed any territory won in the war would be too hard to govern
d) Many business leaders believed it would damage trade relations between the two countries.

''our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.'' In what way does this quote reflect American ideas about westward expansion?
a) They suggested that U.S. expansion toward the Pacific Ocean was divinely ordained.
b) They indicated that Native Americans would willingly give up their tribal lands.
c) They supported the idea that the U.S. government should provide free land to Americans.
d) They demonstrated that slavery was well suited for farming in the West.

1820 Missouri Compromise 1850 Compromise of 1850 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act 1857 Dred Scott v. Sandford decision What one topic is common to all of the events listed above?
a) the spread of slavery
b) the rights of women
c) the relocation of Native Americans
d) the extension of suffrage to free blacks

Which of the following was one contributing factor to the outbreak of war between the United States and Mexico?
a) The United States claimed the Nueces River as the southern border of Texas.
b) The United States outlawed trade between the two countries.
c) Mexico was opposed to the annexation of Texas by the United States.
d) Mexico sought to regain shipping ports along the Gulf Coast.

Southern Black Codes, 1830s • Free Blacks could not carry firearms • Free Blacks could not purchase slaves • Free Blacks could not testify against white citizens What conclusion can be drawn from the information in the chart?
a) Southern states restricted the civil rights of free blacks.
b) Free blacks received the same legal recognition as non-slaveholding white citizens.
c) Free blacks often held political office in the South.
d) Southern governments encouraged the education of free blacks.

• Fugitive Slave Law included in Compromise of 1850 • Dred Scott v. Sandford decision of the Supreme Court How did the actions above affect the lives of slaves during the mid-1800s?
a) They made it easier for slaves to receive an education.
b) The made it more difficult for slaves to be moved westward.
c) They made it more difficult for slaves to secure their freedom.
d) They made it easier for slaves to participate in abolition societies.

Why was the Dred Scott v. Sandford Supreme Court decision a threat to northern regions of the country?
a) The Supreme Court ruled that limiting slavery to slave-states was not legal.
b) The decision meant that northern business owners could not use slave labor.
c) The Supreme Court determined that Black Codes in northern states were illegal.
d) The decision meant that slaves had to be paid the same wages as other workers.

• Slavery banned in the Louisiana Territory north of the 36°30’ parallel • Slavery allowed in the Louisiana Territory south of the 36°30’ parallel • Missouri joined the Union as a slave state What other agreement was a part of this compromise?
a) The Fugitive Slave Law was enacted to gain the support of southern states.
b) A higher tariff was introduced to satisfy manufacturers from northern states.
c) Kansas was given the choice whether to join the Union as a free or slave state.
d) Maine joined the Union as a free state to keep the total of free and slave states equal.

• Permitted slavery north of the 36°30’ parallel • Allowed each territory to decide the issue of slavery of the basis of popular sovereignty • Effectively repealed the Missouri Compromise..This list summarizes the results of which of the following
a) the Louisiana Purchase
b) the Kansas-Nebraska Act
c) the Thirteenth Amendment
d) the Three-Fifths Compromise

• Missouri Compromise of 1820 • Compromise of 1850 • Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 These legislative acts were all efforts to resolve disagreements over what issue?
a) war
b) Tariffs
c) slavery
d) immigration

How did the difference in railroad miles impact the Civil War?
a) The North won by destroying the railroads in the South.
b) The North was able to transport supplies and troops more easily.
c) The South had an advantage because it had fewer railroads to maintain.
d) The difference made little impact since the South had more ports for trade.

The North had more Population, Railroads, Canals, and Factories than the South....Which conclusion is best supported by the chart?
a) The South was more prosperous than it had been in previous years
b) The South’s economy depended on recent advances in transportation.
c) The South’s economy depended less on technology than the North’s did.
d) The South’s share of manufacturing would increase to match its population.

I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided. -Why did Lincoln’s speech anger Southerners?
a) It suggested slave states should divide from the Union.
b) It said each state should decide for itself whether to permit slavery.
c) It argued that slavery concerned the whole nation, not just individual states.
d) It failed to take a side on the question of whether slavery was right or wrong.

Which principle of U.S. government consists of supreme authority belonging to the people?
a) rule of law
b) federalism
c) limited government
d) popular sovereignty

If you were going to complete the timeline above, in what order would you put these historical events?
a) Missouri Compromise, Revolutionary War, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Louisiana Purchase
b) Revolutionary War, Missouri Compromise, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Louisiana Purchase
c) Revolutionary War, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Missouri Compromise
d) Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Missouri Compromise, Revolutionary War

. We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men and women are created equal. —Declaration of Sentiments, 1848 Which goal is expressed in the passage?
a) new laws of nature
b) different roles for workers
c) independence from Great Britain
d) equality between men and women

The United States acquired the Oregon Territory in 1846, and after a war with Mexico, the United States acquired the Mexican Cession in 1848. Which concept relates to the expansion of the U.S. from coast to coast?
a) The Monroe Doctrine
b) Federalism
c) Manifest Destiny
d) Free Soil

In what section of the country would one most likely find the factory system in the middle 1800s?
a) South
b) West
c) North
d) Midwest

The main goal of the Seneca Falls Convention (1848) was to
a) obtain equal rights for women
b) make the public aware of environmental problems
c) correct the abuses of big business
d) organize

Early in his Presidency, Abraham Lincoln declared that his primary goal as President was to
a) enforce the Emancipation Proclamation
b) preserve the Union
c) end slavery throughout the entire country
d) encourage sectionalism

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