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I._________________________ A. Nullification crisis B. Kansas-Nebraska Act C. Dred Scott v. Sanford D. Election of Lincoln (1860) - Which heading best completes the partial outline?
a) Foreign Policies of the United States
b) Government Policies Toward Native American Indians
c) Consequences of Manifest Destiny
d) Causes of Sectional Conflict

The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 was mainly concerned with
a) ending slavery in all the states
b) reducing consumption of alcoholic beverages
c) improving treatment of the mentally ill
d) expanding women’s rights

As the United States acquired more land between 1803 and 1850, controversy over these territories focused on the
a) need for schools and colleges
b) failure to conserve natural resources
c) expansion of slavery
d) construction of transcontinental railroads

Before the Civil War, the principle of popular sovereignty was proposed as a means of
a) allowing states to secede from the Union
b) permitting voters to nullify federal laws
c) deciding the legalization of slavery in a new state
d) overturning unpopular decisions of the Supreme Court

Which document is considered a primary source from the Civil War?
a) a biography of the life of a war general
b) a letter from the wife of a soldier during the war
c) an encyclopedia article about women in the war
d) a documentary on medical treatments used during the war

Uncle Tom's Cabin, Conress passes Kansas-Nebraska Act, John Brown leads attack at Harpers Ferry ...Which of following would be the best heading for this list of events?
a) Impacts of Industrialization
b) Closing the Frontier
c) Political Leadership
d) Events Leading to the Civil War

''Reward for Runaway Slave: I will give $50 reward is slave is taken in Louisville; $150 if slave is taken out of state'' ...Which conclussion can be drawn from this newspaper ad?
a) The Underground Railroad was a failure.
b) Slave owners believed that their slaves were property.
c) Many enslaved persons became wealthy in the North
d) If slaves reached the North, rewards would not be paid.

Which of the following summarizes these events:
a) Expansion of Slavery
b) Results of Manifest Destiny
c) Goals of the Monroe Doctrine
d) Adoption of the Missouri Compromise

During the 1840s, Americans used the idea of Manifest Destiny to justify the
a) expansion of women’s rights
b) acquiring of new territories
c) beginning of free public education
d) repeal of the Missouri Compromise

The rapid westward migration caused by the discovery of gold in California led directly to
a) the start of the Civil War
b) the adoption of the Compromise of 1850
c) increased trade through the Panama Canal
d) control of the United States Senate by the slave states

In the 1850s, the phrase “Bleeding Kansas” was used to describe clashes between
a) proslavery and antislavery groups
b) Spanish landowners and new American settlers
c) Chinese and Irish railroad workers
d) Native American Indians and white settlers

re the Civil War, slavery expanded in the South rather than in the North because
a) the Constitution contained a clause that outlawed the importation of slaves into the Northern states
b) Congress passed a law forbidding slavery in the North
c) Northern states passed affirmative action legislation
d) geographic conditions in the South encouraged the development of large plantations

Compromise Enables Maine and Missouri To Enter Union (1820) California Admitted to Union as Free State (1850) Kansas-Nebraska Act Sets Up Popular Sovereignty (1854) Which issue is reflected in these headlines?
a) enactment of protective tariffs
b) extension of slavery
c) voting rights for minorities
d) universal public education

By the 1850’s, the Constitution, originally framed as an instrument of national unity, had become a source of sectional discord. This quotation suggests that
a) vast differences of opinion existed over the issue of States rights
b) the Federal Government had become more interested in foreign affairs than in domestic problems
c) the Constitution had no provisions for governing new territories
d) the Southern States continued to import slaves

Sectional differences developed in the United States largely because
a) the Federal Government adopted a policy of neutrality
b) economic conditions and interests in each region varied
c) only northerners were represented at the Constitutional Convention
d) early Presidents favored urban areas over rural areas

Which phrase best completes the title for the partial outline shown below? I. Reasons for the ______________________ A. Increasing sectionalism B. Disagreements over states’ rights issues C. Breakdown of compromise D. Election of 1860
a) Start of the Revolutionary War
b) Adoption of the Bill of Rights
c) Failure of the Whiskey Rebellion
d) Secession of Southern States from the Union

In the 1850s, why did many runaway slaves go to Canada?
a) They feared being drafted into the Northern army.
b) The Fugitive Slave Act kept them at risk in the United States.
c) More factory jobs were available in Canada.
d) Northern abolitionists refused to help fugitive slaves.

Which of the following was true when the Civil War began?
a) All the important material advantages lay with the North.
b) The South had the active support of England.
c) Southern industry was sufficient to conduct a war.
d) The Union was prepared for a long war.

Which of the following was an advantage enjoyed by the South at the outset of the war?
a) It would be fighting, for the most part, a defensive war.
b) Most of the white population of the South supported the war.
c) The South had better military commanders.
d) All these answers are correct.

The phrase “by military conquest, treaty, and purchase” best describes the
a) steps in the growth of American industry
b) methods used to expand the territory of the United States
c) major parts of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points
d) causes of the United States entry into the Korean War

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