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The three branches of government are legislative, judicial and ______.
a) executive
b) bureaucratical
c) senatorial
d) congressional

Article ___ of the U.S. Constitution outlines the duties of the executive branch.
a) II
b) VI
c) III
d) I

The Supreme Court is part of the_______________ branch.
a) judicial
b) governmental
c) legislative
d) executive

A two house government is also called a ________.
a) bicameral
b) the Senate
c) bicoastal
d) argumentative

The president is assisted by a group of advisors called the ______.
a) Cabinet
b) Governors
c) Legislators
d) Rulers

Congress is made up of the Senate and ________.
a) House of Representatives
b) House of Delegates
c) Supreme Court
d) President

The duties of Congress are outlined in Article ___ of the U.S. Constitution.
a) I
b) II
c) III
d) IV

Annually, the President delivers the _________ Address.
a) State of the Union
b) Speech of the Country
c) Legislative
d) Gettysburg

In order to be president, a person must be at least __ years old.
a) 35
b) 21
c) 45
d) 50

The court case that established judicial review was _____.
a) Marbury v. Madison
b) Plessy v. Ferguson
c) Miranda v. Arizona
d) Gideon v. Wainwright

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