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In order to find out exactly what you are working with in lab,
a) you should taste the chemical.
b) you should take a big sniff.
c) read the directions.
d) ask a person from another class.

What is it NOT ok to do?
a) Take something from lab without permission.
b) Clean up your lab station.
c) Wash your hands.
d) Pick up trash.

If your lab partner's hair caught on fire, what should you do?
a) throw water on her burning hair.
b) get the fire extinguisher
c) Use the fire blanket to smother the fire
d) Laugh

What do safety symbols do?
a) Alert possible danger and identify safety equipment.
b) Scare you.
c) Caution you that fire drill is about to occur.
d) Give you options on what you want to do in the lab.

If an accident occurs, you should immediately do what?
a) notify the fire department
b) notify the teacher
c) pull the fire alarm
d) scream

What is the proper and safe way to smell a chemical mixture in a lab?
a) waft
b) snort
c) big wiff
d) blow

When you do work outside, what should you do?
a) Never tell anyone where you are going.
b) Ask the teacher.
c) Go by yourself.
d) Call the fire department.

What liquid do you use if you were to get a foreign substance in your eye?
a) food
b) water
c) gum
d) goggles

What should not be in your mouth during a lab?
a) food
b) tongue
c) words
d) saliva

When do you NOT need to wear safety goggles?
a) When handling objects that may break, expand, or endanger my eyes in some way
b) All 7 class periods
c) When the teacher instructs me to do so
d) When heat or chemicals are used

You have accidentally broken a test tube and spilled a chemical on the table. Which of the following best explains what you should do?
a) Caution your lab partners to avoid the area while you inform the teacher of the small accident.
b) Quickly dispose of the glass, wipe up the spill with the nearest cloth, and hope nobody notices.
c) Throw the glass into the nearest trash bin and let the spill air-dry.
d) Use water and paper towels to clean up the spill; place the broken test tube in the disposal container specified for sharp ob

Which of the following is NOT something you would want to do after completing an experiment?
a) Review the experiment to find safety concerns you should know about.
b) Dispose of trash, chemicals, and broken glassware in the appropriate containers.
c) Make sure all water faucets and appliances are turned off.
d) Clean up the lab area and return all equipment to its proper place.

What is the first thing you should do if an accident occurs?
a) Start first aid treatment.
b) Notify your teacher.
c) Find the emergency equipment.
d) Go to the nearest hospital.

What are some reasonable safety precautions for field investigations?
a) Be prepared and use common sense.
b) Always go into the field alone.
c) Always wear goggles and aprons.
d) None: there are not any hazards in the field.

The most important lab safety rule is
a) always follow your teacher's instructions and the lab instructions.
b) always wear safety goggles.
c) always wear a lab apron.
d) design and conduct your own experiments without asking your teacher.

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