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What figurative language does the writer use in the following: “Armand,” she called to him, in a voice which must have stabbed him.
a) alliteration
b) metaphor
c) simile
d) oxymoron

What figurative language does the writer use in the following: “The roof came down steep and black like a cowl”
a) alliteration
b) metaphor
c) simile
d) oxymoron

What is the relationship implied between Armand and LaBlanche?
a) she is a freed slave who chooses to stay and keep his house
b) it is implied that Armand is having an affair with her.
c) She is Armand’s aunt.
d) She is Armand’s sister

Why is Madame Valmonde shocked when she sees the baby?
a) it has grown a great deal in a short time.
b) she notices its skin color is dark.
c) the baby looked as if it were not in good health.
d) the baby would not stop crying.

Which explanation of Désirée's parentage does Madam Valmondé finally accept?
a) She had run away from her own parents.
b) She was the illegitimate child of Monsieur Valmonde and an octoroon maid.
c) She had been abandoned by the stone pillar by reckless Texans.
d) Providence had bequeathed Desiree to her, for she was childless.

Why has L'Abri, the Aubigny mansion, come to seem a sad looking place to Madame Valmondé?
a) She believes that the house needs a woman’s touch.
b) She misses Désirée ,and approaching her daughter’s new home reminds her of the past.
c) Armand’s habit of being strict with his servants has tarnished the house’s once-proud reputation
d) She has a sense of foreboding about what will happen to Désirée now that she has married.

What changes in Armand's behavior has Désirée noticed after her son was born?
a) The costs of the French corbeille and the baby’s layette has sent him into debt, and his mood has grown pensive and anxious.
b) Armand is so pleased with his son that he has stopped punishing his servanta
c) Armand cannot help talking about his son’s future and the prospect of more children
d) rmand compares his son’s eyes to Désirée’s once a day.

What is the setting of “Desiree’s Baby”?
a) Revolutionary Era Louisiana
b) Pre-Civil War Louisiana
c) Post-Civil War Louisiana
d) Post-Vietnam Louisiana

Who is the protagonist in “Desiree’s Baby”?
a) Armand
b) LaBlanche
c) Desiree
d) Madame Valmonde

Which of the following items was NOT burned at the end of the story in Armand's bonfire?
a) the cradle Desiree's baby slept in
b) letters Desiree had sent him before they were married
c) the corbelle he had ordered from Desiree from Paris
d) a letter from Madame Valmonde attesting to Desiree's white lineage

What choice does Desiree make?
a) She files for divorce.
b) She leaves Armand and the baby to go back home.
c) She leaves Armand and takes the baby and disappears into the Bayou
d) She heads back to Valmonde to her mother.

What does Armand learn about his parents?
a) His parents were originally French.
b) His father was really a Black man.
c) His parents adopted him as a child.
d) His mother was really a Black woman.

What does Armand do with his love letters to Desiree?
a) He keeps them in a special box as keepsakes.
b) He burns them along with all of her clothing and the baby furniture
c) He bundles them up and throws them in the well.
d) He reads them aloud to his friends and mocks Desiree.

What is the main conflict in “Desiree’s Baby”?
a) Desiree wants to have a child, but her husband does not.
b) Desiree has to choose between her two children.
c) Desiree gives birth to a child that is blind.
d) Desiree gives birth to a child that is Black.

The foreboding appearance of L’Abri symbolizes
a) Desiree’s feelings toward her baby
b) Monsieur Volmonde’s feelings toward Armand
c) Armand’s dark moods
d) LaBlanche’s feelings toward Armand

The author contrasts Armand's treatment of the slaves on the plantation with
a) Monsieur Volmonde's treatment of Slaves on his plantation
b) of how Texans treat slaves on their plantations
c) Of his father's treatment of slaves on his plantation
d) Of Desiree's treatment of slaves on the plantation

When Desiree describes her child to her mother, we know she is feeling
a) ashamed
b) ambivalent
c) proud
d) embarrassed

To explain how Armand came to notice Desiree before he married her, the author uses
a) symbolism
b) foreshadowing
c) flashback
d) hyperbole

The reader learns that Armand's moods
a) determine whether or not Madame Valmonde will visit
b) determine Desiree's happiness
c) determine how hard the slaves will work
d) determine who gets to sit at the dinner table each night

When Armand's mood deteriorates in the story, Desiree becomes
a) aloof
b) worried
c) depressed
d) physically sick

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