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The protagonist in “The Story of An Hour” is named
a) Louise Mallard
b) Janine Mallard
c) Lily Mallard
d) Josephine Mallard

Mrs. Mallard is suffering from
a) diabetes
b) depression
c) heart problem
d) ulcers

What does NOT characterize Mrs. Mallard’s face in “The Story of An Hour”?
a) strength
b) repression
c) energetic
d) calmness

Mrs. Mallard approaches an awakening subsequent to the initial shock of hearing of the news of her husband’s death. Once that shock has passed, which of the following is the most prominent recurring theme?
a) hopefulness
b) freedom
c) acceptance
d) depression

Which of the following lines best represents the rhetorical device of verbal Irony?
a) “Free! Body and soul free!”
b) “Into this she sank, pressed down by physical exhaustion that haunted her body…”
c) “They said she had died of heart disease. They joy that kills”
d) “Go away. I am not making myself ill.”

The word “repression” (paragraph 8 ), as a description of Mrs. Mallard’s face, suggests that Mrs. Mallard was a woman of
a) Carefree living
b) Strong Emotional Character
c) Sensitivity
d) Submissive Nature

Mrs. Mallard’s cause of death is described as “a joy that kills”. Chopin uses this as final evidence to show that
a) Women were given explicit social rules, and were expected to follow all of them or suffer a tarnished reputation
b) All wives were devoted and affectionate towards their husbands
c) The pressure of society was so heavy that people were blind to the possibility that conformity could be resisted
d) Heart disease was a serious condition that needed to be brought to attention

Near the end of the story, , Louise’s composure as she descends the stairs can be best described as:
a) Prideful vindication
b) Pretentious
c) Tension and apprehensiveness
d) A Renewed liveliness

Who is the author of “The Story of an Hour”?
a) Edith Wharton
b) Katherine Anne Porter
c) Georgia Orwell
d) Kate Chopin

Who is the antagonist in “The Story of An Hour”?
a) Mr. Mallard
b) Richards
c) Josephine
d) Mrs. Mallard

How is Mr. Mallard thought to have died?
a) stroke
b) train accident
c) car accident
d) riding accident

In what season does The Story of an Hour occur?
a) spring
b) summer
c) autumn
d) winter

How does Louise Mallard characterize human relationships in The Story of an Hour
a) as a puzzle
b) as a necessity
c) as a gift
d) as a crive

From what point-of-view is “The Story of an Hour” told?
a) first person
b) third person limited omniscient
c) third person omniscient
d) third person objective

When the “wild abandonment” possesses Mrs. Mallard, what does she do?
a) laughs hysterically
b) whispers: “free, free, free!”
c) swims out to sea
d) disappears into the bayou

What does Josephine believe Mrs. Mallard is doing being her closed door?
a) sleeping
b) looking at pictures
c) killing herself
d) making herself ill

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