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Half of the class wanted to order pizza for reward day. There were 34 students in class. How many wanted to order pizza?
a) 34 students
b) Half
c) How many
d) in all

Sarah combined her stuffed animal collection of 12 bears with Jamie, who had 27. How many did they have?
a) combined
b) How many
c) 27
d) have

James wanted to buy a video game for $15. He has two $10 bills. How much change will he get?
a) $15
b) How much
c) $10
d) change

Miguel has to bring 30 cupcakes to school. Cupcakes are sold in packages of 8. How many packages should Miguel buy?
a) How many
b) packages of
c) 30
d) 8

Alexa has 92 cents in her pocket. Each pencil costs 8 cents. How many pencils can she buy?
a) each
b) 92
c) 8
d) How many

I have 45 cents in nickels. A nickel weighs 3 grams. What is the total weight of my nickels?
a) 45 cents
b) 3 grams
c) nickels
d) total weight

The museum has 6 exhibits about birds and 10 exhibits about magnets. How many more exhibits are about magnets?
a) and
b) How many
c) more
d) has

The science museum is 16 miles away. Danny and his family have already driven 7 miles. How many more miles do they have left to drive?
a) left
b) have driven
c) How many
d) away

Pam has 11 bracelets.Sue has 3 fewer bracelets than Pam.How many bracelets does Sue have?
a) has
b) How many
c) fewer
d) have

Sam shot 100 free throws and made 85% of them. How many free throws did he make?
a) of
b) made
c) 100
d) 85%

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