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Thomas Jefferson was against a loose interpretation of the Constitution. He believed the government could only do what was written. Adherence to a strict interpretation of the Constitution would have prevented President Thomas Jefferson from
a) making the Louisiana Purchase
b) writing “State of the Union” messages
c) receiving ambassadors
d) commissioning military officers

It is possible for a presidential candidate to win the ____________ and lose the election by losing the ____________.
a) presidential vote, congressional vote
b) electoral vote, popular vote
c) popular vote, electoral vote
d) senatorial vote, representative vote

How is the President of United State elected?
a) By winning the popular vote
b) By receiving the most votes in America
c) By winning the Electoral College
d) By receiving the most votes in the House of Representatives

What is inflation?
a) The devaluation of money
b) The drop in the price of goods
c) The increase in value of money
d) an economic cycle

What causes inflation?
a) Increase in the money supply
b) Decrease in the money supply
c) Increase in goods and services
d) Decrease in goods and services

Missouri Compromise of 1820 • Slavery banned in the Louisiana Territory north of the 36°30’ parallel • Slavery allowed in the Louisiana Territory south of the 36°30’ parallel • Missouri joins US as a slave state --What was the other agreement
a) The Fugitive Slave Law was enacted to gain the support of southern states.
b) A higher tariff was introduced to satisfy manufacturers from northern states.
c) Kansas was given the choice whether to join the Union as a free or slave state
d) Maine joined the Union as a free state to keep the total of free and slave states equal.

A financial crisis where assets lose their nominal value suddenly resulting in widespread economic problems -
a) Panic
b) Embargo
c) Tariff
d) Mercantilism

Which of the following best describes financial crises in American History?
a) Panics are rare and not recurrent
b) The American financial system is stable and does not experience volatility
c) The American economy is cyclical; it experiences periods of growth and decline
d) The financial crises of the 1800s do not share any similarities with 1900s and 2000s crises

What was the ultimate result of the Supreme Court decision in Marbury v. Madison?
a) integrated schools
b) women could vote
c) prohibition
d) judicial review

. “It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is. . . .” — Marbury v. Madison, 1803 This statement expresses the Supreme Court’s claim that
a) courts must abide by a strict interpretation of the Constitution
b) federal laws must be approved by the courts before they can take effect
c) the judicial branch must have a role in the amendment process
d) the power of judicial review belongs to the courts

Cyrus McCormick’s invention of the mechanical reaper led to a decrease in which of the following?
a) the slave population
b) farm labor
c) agricultural production
d) immigration

Which event showed that Thomas Jefferson accepted a broader interpretation of the Constitution than he had before?
a) the elections of 1800
b) the Embargo of 1807
c) the War of 1812
d) the Louisiana Purchase

Advances in farming technology caused large numbers of people to move from rural to urban areas. Which of the following best explains why?
a) Fewer workers were needed on the farm.
b) Transportation radically improved.
c) Comforts of the city became more attractive.
d) Life on the farm became much easier.

Which term is defined as a tax on imported goods?
a) embargo
b) quota
c) subsidy
d) tariff

How does the Supreme Court exercise the power of judicial review?
a) overturning an amendment
b) reversing a lower court ruling
c) declaring a law unconstitutional
d) confirming an appointment to the Court

Why did Andrew Jackson’s administration support the removal of Native Americans from the eastern states?
a) The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jackson’s policy.
b) The Native Americans had fought with the British during the War of 1812.
c) Whites wanted to settle and live on the Native American lands.
d) The federal government wanted to protect the Native Americans from violent white settlers.

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