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What is a mercenary?
a) A person who fights for money and not for loyalty to a country.
b) An American colonist that stayed loyal to England.
c) An American colonist that favored Independence.
d) A leader of the English army.

What is a recruit?
a) A person that leaves without permission.
b) A slave working for the English.
c) A person who enlist into the army.
d) A person who works for one side of the war the goes to the other side.

What is inflation?
a) When prices of goods are low.
b) The fast rise of prices for goods.
c) When the prices of goods remain the same.
d) The sudden falling of prices for goods.

What does it mean when a person deserts?
a) They join the army.
b) They remain loyal to England.
c) A slave working for the army.
d) They leave without permission.

What is an issue?
a) A subject that people have different views about.
b) A subject everyone agrees on.
c) A subject that people are confused about.
d) A subject that only politicians know about.

What is a blockade?
a) An issue that people have different views about.
b) A person who joins the military.
c) A measure that keeps a country from communicating or trading with other countries.
d) The fast rise of prices for goods.

What does the word sustain mean?
a) To stay loyal to England.
b) To wish for independence.
c) To supply the army with food.
d) To suffer or experience.

What is a privateer?
a) A ship used in the triangular trade.
b) A privately owned ship outfitted with weapons.
c) A private citizen fighting for the army.
d) A battle ship in the English navy.

What is a siege?
a) A privately owned ship outfitted with weapons.
b) A person who remained loyal to the English.
c) A person who leaves without permission.
d) An attempt to force a surrender by blocking the movement or goods into a place.

What does it mean to ratify something?
a) An attack where the attacker hides and surprises the enemy.
b) To approve officially.
c) An official with the Continental Army.
d) An official with the Committee of Correspondence.

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