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north - Enslaved population SHOULD NOT be counted to determine representation in the House of Representatives. South - Enslaved population SHOULD NOT be counted for determining taxation ...What solution did the delegates design to resolve this debate
a) the Virginia Plan
b) the New Jersey Plan
c) the Great Compromise
d) the Three-Fifths Compromise

During the period from the Constitutional Convention until the final ratification of the Constitution, Federalists and Anti-Federalists made different arguments about the proper form of government for the US. Which is an anti-federalist argument?
a) The Articles of Confederation needed to be replaced.
b) The Constitution adequately protected individual freedoms.
c) A strong national government threatened individual freedoms.
d) The national government needed to be stronger than state governments.

The New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan proposed at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 disagreed with each other about the basis of representation in the legislative branch. What best explains the reason for this disagreement?
a) Some states wanted indirect elections, but others wanted elections by universal suffrage.
b) Some states wanted a parliamentary system, but others wanted separate branches of government.
c) Some states wanted equal representation, but others wanted representation according to size of population.
d) Some states wanted representatives appointed by governors, but others wanted them appointed by state legislators.

One of the decisions reached at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 became known as the Three-Fifths Compromise. Which statement best explains support for this compromise?
a) Larger states supported it for requiring indirect election to the Senate
b) Smaller states supported it for expanding the power of the House of Representatives
c) Northern states supported it for guaranteeing states with more industry a lower tax rate
d) Southern states supported it for counting part of states’ enslaved population towards representation.

Some Features of the Articles of Confederation • Each state had one vote • Laws required approval from 9 of the 13 states to pass • Congress lacked power to tax citizens --What argument did critics make about the Articles of Confederation?
a) The power of the national government threatened states’ rights.
b) The president had more power than the other branches of government.
c) The national government had little power to get states to cooperate.
d) The large states could easily change the rules of government to their advantage.

But I cannot find a single State has laid the Taxes . . .. Let the several States be ever so negligent, the Confederation has given no Power to compel force. --what weakness of the Articles of Confederation is expressed?
a) The national government had no army.
b) The national government had no power to tax.
c) The national government had no system of courts
d) The national government had no executive branch

the interior structure of the government, as that its several constituent parts may, by their mutual relations, be the means of keeping each other in their proper places. --What best explains how the idea expressed is reflected in US Govt?
a) The Constitution can be changed through the amendment process.
b) Civil liberties protect individuals from government abuse of power.
c) Citizens have the right to vote ineffective representatives out of office.
d) Power is divided into separate branches that check and balance each other.

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.-The Federalist Papers --James Madison would most likely agree with which?
a) The Constitution takes away too much power from the state governments.
b) The Constitution gives most of the power over foreign policy to the states.
c) The Constitution leaves the powers of the federal and state governments unclear.
d) The Constitution divides power fairly between the federal and state governments.

What is the first step in adding an amendment to the United States Constitution?
a) approval by the president
b) review by the Supreme Court
c) vote by the people in a national referendum
d) passage by a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress

in 1850, 10k baptist churches, 13k Methodist churches, 700 Quaker churches, 5k Presbyterian churches --What best explains how the information shows the influence of American democracy?
a) The First Amendment guarantees citizens freedom of religion
b) The Constitution requires each citizen to belong to a religious group.
c) The United States government supports religious groups with tax money
d) The Supreme Court has upheld a close connection between church and state

Which power of government does the Constitution reserve for Congress?
a) to declare war against foreign nations
b) to pardon criminals for federal offenses
c) to appoint judges to serve on federal courts
d) to settle disputes between citizens of different states

Which event did Shay’s Rebellion lead to?
a) the passage of the Intolerable Acts
b) the beginning of the Revolutionary War
c) the meeting of the Constitutional Convention
d) the signing of the Declaration of Independence

The Preamble expands on which idea found in the Declaration of Independence?
a) that all men are created equal
b) that people may throw off unjust governments
c) that people establish governments to protect their rights
d) that England had not acted with the colonists’ best interests at heart

What right is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution?
a) freedom of speech, religion, the press, and assembly
b) no illegal searches and seizures
c) right of a militia to keep and bear arms
d) freedom of religion

He shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Judges of the supreme Court—Constitution of the United States, Article II --How does the Constitution provide a check on the power of the judicial branch?
a) The president nominates judges and the Senate must approve them.
b) The Senate appoints judges and the Chief Justice can veto the choice.
c) The Attorney General nominates judges and the Senate can reject the selection.
d) The House appoints judges and the president must submit the names to the Senate.

Which of the following is not a First Amendment right?
a) to attend church
b) to have a free press
c) to peaceably assemble
d) to vote in elections

The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unlawful searches and seizures. What does that mean?
a) An individual can be searched only when on public property.
b) An individual can be searched only when there is probable cause.
c) An individual can be searched only with his/her consent.
d) An individual can be searched only when a judge is present.

Which of the following is not a purpose of the federal government?
a) declare war and make peace
b) organize a court system
c) coin money
d) establish schools

What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?
a) Bill of Rights
b) Preamble
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Articles

How many senators represent each state in the Senate?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

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