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Which statement best describes the geocentric model of our solar system?
a) The Earth is located at the center of the model
b) All planets revolve around the Sun
c) All planets except the Earth revolve around the Sun
d) The Sun is located at the center of the model

Compared to the distances between the planets of our solar system, the distances between stars are usually
a) Much greater
b) Much less
c) About the same
d) A little bit less

Impact craters are more obvious on the Moon than on Earth because
a) Weathering processes on Earth have removed most craters
b) Earth is younger than Mercury or the Moon
c) Meteorites have not struck Earth
d) All meteorites burn up in Earth's atmosphere

According to the Earth Science Reference Tables, three planets known as gas giants because of their large size and low density are
a) Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus
b) Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter
c) Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter
d) Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus

Which statement best describes how galaxies generally move?
a) Galaxies move away from one another
b) Galaxies do not move
c) Galaxies move randomly
d) Galaxies move toward one another

In which group are the parts listed in order from oldest to youngest?
a) Universe, Milky Way, solar system
b) Solar system, Milky Way, universe
c) Universe, solar system, Milky Way
d) Milky Way, solar system, universe

The average temperature of the planets
a) Decreases with greater distance from the Sun
b) Depends only on the chemical composition of the atmosphere of each planet
c) Increases with greater distance from the Sun
d) Has no relationship to the distance from the Sun

Which three planets are known as terrestrial planets because of their high density and rocky composition?
a) Mercury, Mars, and Venus
b) Venus, Neptune, and Pluto
c) Venus, Saturn, and Neptune
d) Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus

A student in New York State observed that the altitude of the Sun at noon is decreasing each day. During which month could the student have made these observations?
a) October
b) January
c) March
d) May

The moon rotates on its axis
a) True
b) False

What phase of the moon would we see from Earth when the moon is between the sun and the Earth
a) New moon
b) Full moon
c) Half moon
d) Waxing gibbous moon

A lunar eclipse can only happen when the moon is in what phase?
a) Full moon
b) New moon
c) Half moon
d) Waning crescent moon

Our current model of the solar system is
a) Heliocentric
b) Geocentric
c) Eccentric
d) Anthropomorphic

Which statement best describes the orbits of planets?
a) They are elliptical with the Sun at one foci
b) They are prefect circles
c) They all have a large eccentricity
d) They all have a small eccentricity

Where are cool, dim stars are found on an H-R Diagram?
a) The lower left-hand corner
b) The upper left-hand corner
c) The upper right-hand corner
d) The lower right-hand corner

Where is our solar system located in the Milky Way galaxy?
a) In the outer part of one of the spiral arms
b) In the inner part of one of the spiral arms
c) Near the center
d) Our solar system is not in the Milky Way galaxy

The electromagnetic spectrum
a) Radiates energy
b) Absorbs energy
c) Conducts energy
d) Convects energy

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