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Which development led to the other three?
a) New diseases are introduced.
b) The African slave trade is expanded.
c) Europeans explore the Americas.
d) Native American Indians lose their lands.

The Virginia House of Burgesses was important in the development of colonial America because it was the first attempt to
a) practice representative democracy
b) start a plantation system of farming
c) protest against mercantilism
d) establish religious freedom

Which cash crop is credited with helping the Jamestown colony to survive?
a) tobacco
b) rice
c) cotton
d) sugar cane

Which religious group is correctly paired with the colony its members helped establish?
a) Puritans → Georgia
b) Quakers → Pennsylvania
c) Pilgrims → Virginia
d) Catholics → Rhode Island

What was one impact of European exploration on Native American Indians?
a) European farming techniques were quickly adopted.
b) Many Native American Indians were resettled throughout Europe.
c) Conflicts between Native American Indian tribes ended.
d) Diseases brought by Europeans caused large numbers of deaths.

According to many anthropologists, a land bridge during the Ice Age allowed migration between which two continents?
a) South America and North America
b) North America and Europe
c) Asia and North America
d) Europe and Asia

French explorers cooperated with American Indians by –
a) becoming large landowners
b) adopting foreign religions
c) sharing farming techniques
d) established trading posts

The primary reason the Quakers settled in Pennsylvania was to –
a) find gold deposits
b) escape debtor’s prison
c) practice religion freely
d) avoid paying taxes

What was the result of the French and Indian War?
a) France lost land claims in North America and Britain gained Canada and most French lands east of the Mississippi.
b) Spain gained Canada and Britain gained New Orleans.
c) Land east of the Mississippi was divided equally between France and Britain.
d) France began moving west to settle new lands.

Which of the following best describes the Columbian Exchange?
a) Plants and animals were transferred among Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
b) Columbus discovered new animals in the Americas.
c) New foods brought to Europe caused diseases.
d) Explorers shipped Native Americans to Europe.

The main reason Great Britain established the Proclamation Line of 1763 was to
a) avoid conflicts between American colonists and Native American Indians
b) make a profit by selling the land west of the Appalachian Mountains
c) prevent American industrial development in the Ohio River valley
d) allow Canada to control the Great Lakes region

The British benefited from their mercantilist relationship with the American colonies primarily by
a) supporting the growth of colonial industries
b) prohibiting colonists from fishing and fur trading
c) taking large amounts of gold and silver from the southern colonies
d) buying raw materials from the colonies and selling them finished products

In which area did good harbors, abundant forests, rocky soil, and a short growing season most influence the colonial economy?
a) Southern colonies
b) Middle Atlantic region
c) Northwest Territory
d) New England colonies

In its economic relationship with its North American colonies, Great Britain followed the principles of 18th-century mercantilism by
a) outlawing the African slave trade
b) limiting the colonies’ trade with other nations
c) encouraging the development of manufacturing in the colonies
d) establishing laws against business monopolies

The British system of mercantilism was opposed by many American colonists because it
a) placed quotas on immigration
b) discouraged the export of raw materials to England
c) placed restrictions on trading
d) encouraged colonial manufacturing

The Mayflower Compact, House of Burgesses are examples of the efforts of colonial Americans to
a) use democratic practices in government
b) protest British land policies
c) establish religious freedom
d) overthrow British royal governors

The Mayflower Compact of 1620 is considered an important step in the development of democracy in America because it
a) expressed the importance of self-government
b) established freedom of religion
c) created the first colonial judiciary
d) granted all males the right to vote

The Virginia House of Burgesses was important to the development of democracy in the thirteen colonies because it
a) provided an example of a representative form of government
b) created the first written constitution in America
c) provided for direct election of senators
d) began the practice of legislative override of executive vetoes

The British system of mercantilism was designed to
a) close Boston Harbor to trade
b) encourage trade outside the British Empire
c) favor the economic interests of Great Britain
d) prevent local elections in the thirteen colonies

During the colonial period, the economic development of the South was most directly dependent on the labor of
a) factory workers
b) wheat farmers
c) Irish immigrants
d) enslaved Africans

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