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According to the Earth Science Reference Tables , the temperature of rock located 1,000 kilometers below the Earth's surface is about
a) 3,200 C
b) 2,800 C
c) 1,400 C
d) 4,000 C

The thinnest section of the Earth's crust is found beneath
a) The oceanic crust
b) The continental crust
c) Coastal plains
d) Mountain regions

Which of the following is NOT a type of volcanic magma?
a) Recrystallized
b) Mafic
c) Felsic
d) Intermediate

Viscosity is
a) A material's resistance to flow
b) The energy transfer from a cooler object to a warmer object
c) A property of the salinity of ocean water
d) The study of volcanoes

In which ares are volcanoes least likely to coour
a) Mountains
b) Hot spots
c) Subduction zones
d) Spreading centers

The occurrence of high-heat flows at the ridge center provides evidence of the
a) Existence of rising mantle convection currents
b) Destruction of continental crust
c) Destruction of oceanic crust
d) Existence of ancestral mountains

Mid-ocean ridges (rifts) normally form where tectonic plates are
a) Diverging
b) Converging
c) Stationary
d) Moving past each other

Which Layer of Earth is the thickest?
a) The mantle
b) The crust
c) The outer core
d) The atmosphere

Which of the following is not a type of plate boundary?
a) Shear zone
b) Convergent
c) Divergent
d) Transform

seafloor spreading has been proved because of
a) Magnetic anomalies
b) Plate tectonics
c) Earthquakes
d) Slab pull

Spring tides happen when
a) The Sun and the moon are parallel with respect to Earth
b) The Sun and the moon are perpindicular with respect to to Earth
c) Farthest from Earth
d) Closest to Earth

Ehich parameter does not affect global oceanic circulation
a) Subduction
b) Pressure differences
c) Variations in salinity
d) Differences in temperature

Volcanoes are associated with what kind of plate boundary?
a) All of the above
b) Divergent plate boundaries
c) Convergent plate boundaries
d) Transform plate boundaries

Large-Scale Plate Movemtnts occur because of
a) Convection cells in the mantle
b) Convection cells in the atmosphere
c) Conduction currents in the mantle
d) The differenc ebetween high and low pressure cells on Earth

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