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Who was the 23rd United States President
a) John Tyler
b) John Adams
c) Benjamin Harrison
d) Herbert Hoover

Who was president during World War I?
a) John Quincy Adams
b) James A. Garfield
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Woodrow Wilson

Which president enacted the Emancipation Proclamation?
a) Millard Filmore
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Franklin Pierce
d) Ulysses S. Grant

Which president enacted the New Deal?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Ronald Raegan
d) Jimmy Carter

Who was the tallest United States President?
a) James. Madison
b) Lyndon B. Johnson
c) James K. Polk
d) Andrew Johnson

Who was the shortest United States President?
a) James Madison
b) Lyndon B. Johnson
c) James K. Polk
d) Andrew Johnson

Who was the oldest United States President to be inaugurated?
a) Richard Nixon
b) William McKinley
c) Ronald Raegan
d) James Monroe

Which President served the shortest term in office?
a) Harry Truman
b) James Buchanan
c) Zachary Taylor
d) William Henry Harrison

Which president served the longest term in office?
a) Dwight D. Eisenhower
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt
c) Grover Cleveland
d) Gerald Ford

Who was the youngest president inaugurated?
a) William Howard Taft
b) Warren. G. Harding
c) Chester A. Arthur
d) John F. Kennedy

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