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In what town was the wedding feast that Jesus attended, in John 2?
a) Nazareth
b) Capernum
c) Nain
d) Cana

The hosts of the wedding feast ran out of what?
a) Water
b) Wine
c) Bread
d) Cake

Who told Jesus that the hosts of the wedding feast had run out of wine?
a) His Mother
b) His Disciples
c) His Friends
d) His Brothers

How many stone vessels did Jesus command to be filled with water?
a) Four
b) Five
c) Six
d) Seven

Each of the stone vessels contained about how much water?
a) One or Two Gallons
b) Five or Six Gallons
c) Ten or Twenty Gallons
d) Twenty or Thirty Gallons

Jesus turned water into what?
a) Wine
b) Olive Oil
c) Beer
d) Soda Pop

John declared this event to be the beginning of what?
a) Miracles
b) Signs
c) Wonders
d) The End

What feast did Jesus attend in Jerusalem, in John 2?
a) Passover
b) Tabernacles
c) Pentecost
d) Purim

What did Jesus do to the money changer's tables, at the Temple?
a) Stole From Them
b) Overturned Them
c) Took a Percentage From Them
d) Cast Them Out

When Jesus said, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up, what was He talking about?
a) The Temple at Jerusalem
b) His Own Body
c) His Own Tomb
d) Herod's Place

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