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Where did Jesus say he had seen Nathaniel, earlier?
a) Under a Fig Tree
b) In a Cave
c) Under and Olive Tree
d) In His Bed

What did Nathaniel call Jesus?
a) Rabbi
b) Son of God
c) King of Israel
d) All of the Above

Who did Jesus cal an Israelite, in whom is not deceit?
a) Andrew
b) Simon
c) Philip
d) Nathaniel

What was the name of Simon and Andrew's father?
a) Jonah
b) John
c) James
d) Joses

Who did Philip invite to come and see Jesus?
a) Andrew
b) Simon
c) Philip
d) Nathaniel

Who did Andrew invite to come and see Jesus?
a) John
b) James
c) Simon
d) Judas

What nickname did Jesus give to Simon?
a) Didymus
b) Boanerges
c) Diddy
d) Cephas

What did John call Jesus, when he saw Him?
a) The Lion of Judah
b) The Son of Man
c) The King of Kings
d) The Lamb of God

John said that he had seen the Spirit of God descending upon Jesus, like a what?
a) Feather
b) Dove
c) Eagle
d) Sparrow

Where was John baptizing?
a) Jerusalem
b) Bethlehem
c) Betharaba
d) Bethany

John said that he was not worthy to loose who's sandal strap?
a) His Own
b) The High Priest's
c) Jesus'
d) Elijah's

John said that he was the fulfillment of a prophesy made by whom?
a) Isaiah
b) Jeremiah
c) Ezekiel
d) Daniel

John the baptizer said that he was not the what?
a) Holy Spirit
b) Chirst
c) Forerunner of Christ
d) Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

Who gave the Law of Christ to the world?
a) Jesus
b) John
c) Moses
d) Aaron

Who gave the Law of Moses to the Israelites?
a) Jesus
b) John
c) Moses
d) Aaron

What did the Word become?
a) Flesh
b) Light
c) Darkness
d) Life

To whom did John credit for the creation of all things?
a) The Big Bang
b) Jesus Christ
c) The Holy Spirit
d) Nothing

With wich personal pronoun did John refer to the Word?
a) Him
b) Her
c) It
d) They

According to John 1:1 who or what was in the beginning with God?
a) John
b) The Spirit of God
c) The Word
d) Nothing

Jesus told Nathaniel that he would see what?
a) Hell Freeze Over
b) Heaven Opened
c) A Chicken Cross the Road
d) God's Face

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