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a) Just a part or a piece
b) Matter or the main part
c) A submarine
d) A way to stand

a) Empty
b) A dog toy
c) Bedtime
d) A long, usually heavy piece of flat wood

Banbury Cake
a) A cake orginating in Banbury, England over 400 years ago
b) A lollipop
c) A chocolate cake from America
d) A cupboard

a) A part of the heart
b) A game
c) With sincerity or enthusiasm
d) Sad

a) The largest dog decending from war dogs from 3000 BC
b) A peanut
c) A type of grass
d) A book in the Bible

a) The part of an arm
b) A person in a movie
c) A tool used for the snow
d) A building used for a home

a) A flight out of town
b) A difficult situation
c) A body part
d) A country in Africa

a) A type of fruit
b) A hug
c) A sweet and pleasing tune
d) A happy dance

a) A type of fruit
b) A part of a hellicopter
c) To prop something up against something else
d) Correct and right for the situation

a) To place in order or to dress in fine or beautiful clothing
b) The smell of the air
c) When someone talks a lot
d) The end of a story

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