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If equal masses of water in various phases (states ) are compared, which phase will contain the greatest amount of stored energy (latent heat)?
a) solid ice
b) liquid water
c) water vapor

Which example of heat transfer is due mainly to convection?
a) heat energy transferred by air moving from the Earth's surface to the upper atmosphere
b) heat energy transferred through a solid metal door
c) heat energy transferred from the Sun to the Earth
d) heat energy transferred by being reflected from a lake surface to the air above

The energy gained by water during evaporation is later released by the water vapor during the process of
a) condensation
b) transpiration
c) convection
d) melting

Which statement is the best example of heat energy transfer by conduction?
a) Heat energy is transferred from the surface soil to the rocks below.
b) Heat energy is transferred from the bottom to the top of the lake.
c) Heat energy is transferred from the Sun to the Earth
d) Heat energy is transferred from the Earth's surface to the upper atmosphere

An airmass from the Gulf of Mexico, moving north into New York State, has a high relative humidity. What other characteristics will it probably have?
a) cool temperatures and high pressure
b) warm temperatures and low pressure
c) cool temperatures and low pressure
d) warm temperatures and high pressure

Water vapor enters the atmosphere by the processes of evaporation and
a) transpiration
b) precipitation
c) condensation
d) conduction

Most of the energy in the Earth's atmosphere comes from
a) the rotation of the Earth and wind from the Earth
b) the rotation and revolution of the Earth
c) radioactive decay of elements and radiation from the Earth
d) radiation from the Earth and insolation from the Sun

Which change would result in an increase in the rate at which water evaporates from an outdoor swimming pool?
a) The surface of the water is covered with white plastic
b) Water is added to the pool each day.
c) Cloud cover decreases.
d) Wind velocity decreases.

As a sample of very moist air rises from sea level to a higher altitude, the probability of condensation occurring in that air sample will
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same

By which process does most water vapor enter the atmosphere?
a) evaporation from lakes and rivers
b) evapotranspiration from land areas
c) sublimation from polar ice and snow
d) evaporation from ocean surfaces

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