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August 2014 has five Fridays and Saturdays.
a) Impossible
b) Do we get an extra paycheck?
c) True
d) False

How long has BMC been around?
a) As long as John Edgington
b) 120 years
c) Let me find my pin and I will tell you.
d) 121 years.

The color of the sky is:
a) purple
b) blue
c) red
d) however I perceive it to be

What percentage of my students have perfect attendance each month?
a) I don't track attendance for my students.
b) 95% or more of my students attend every day.
c) 50% of my students attend every day.
d) Less than 25% of my students attend every day.

When should I review the syllabus?
a) I don't use a syllabus.
b) I expect my students to read it online.
c) The first day of every course.
d) Every day.

What is considered an online academic activity?
a) Reading chapters in the e-book.
b) Being online
c) Submitting a term paper through Drop Box
d) Responding to a threaded discussion

I use the following resources in my classroom:
a) iPad, PPT, and videos.
b) iPad, PPT, videos, games, lecture, group projects
c) Lecture, Lecture and More Lecture
d) None of the above

How often should I break from teaching?
a) I am always on break.
b) I teach for 10 minutes and break for 50.
c) I am a marathon teacher and never allow my students to have a break.
d) I plan an activity for 50 minutes then break for ten minutes.

What is the average of a BMC students?
a) 38 years old
b) 27 years old
c) 18 years old
d) 42 years old

What percentage of the student population is female?
a) 50%
b) 85%
c) 63%
d) 70%

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