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What is the purpose of pourquoi stories?
a) Describe how to accomplish a task
b) Describe how to make a ham sandwich
c) Explain things in the natural world
d) Explain the origin of french fries

Pourquoi is a French word that means
a) Pork
b) What
c) Pour
d) Why

When do pourquoi stories usually take place?
a) In the distant past
b) Far into the future
c) Next Friday
d) Today

Pourquoi stories often include animals that have
a) Smiley dinosaur faces and purple skin
b) Human-like characteristics, such as being able to talk
c) A lesson to teach
d) Become extinct

Pourquoi stories often start with a phrase, such as
a) Once upon a time...
b) It was a dark and stormy night.
c) If you have nothing else to do, I will tell this tale to you!
d) A long time ago, when _____ had ______.

Pourquoi stories often end with a phrase, such as
a) The end.
b) Et tu, Brute?
c) And that is why _____ has a ______.
d) And they lived happily ever after.

Which of the following story titles is most likely to be a pourquoi story?
a) How the Bear Lost His Tail
b) The Tortoise and the Hare
c) Pandora's Box
d) The Three Little Pigs

Pourquoi stories are
a) Nonfiction
b) Poetry
c) Fiction
d) Musical stories

Pourquoi stories are a good way to learn about
a) Other cultures
b) How animals communicate
c) The natural world
d) How cars work

Pourquoi stories might also be called
a) Origin stories
b) Fables
c) Myths
d) Brochures

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