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What are pourquoi stories?
a) tales that explain why something is the way it is
b) stories about sports
c) stories about cooking
d) tales about a dragon

What does Pourquoi mean?
a) It is French for how.
b) It is French for why.
c) It is French for animal.
d) it is French for food.

What do pourquoi tales describe?
a) They describe how to play baseball.
b) They describe how to cook food.
c) They describe something in nature, like animals.
d) They describe how to avoid strangers.

Who were the main characters in the tale How Bear Lost His Tail?
a) Cat and Bear
b) Snake and Bear
c) Bear and Fox
d) Fox and Horse

What was the setting of the story?
a) in a cave at the base of a mountain
b) on a frozen lake during winter time
c) in the forrest during fall
d) in a meadow during spring time

What was Bear's proudest possession?
a) his sharp claws
b) his brown fur
c) his honey
d) his long tail

What did Fox have that Bear wanted?
a) a handful of berries
b) yummy honey
c) big trout and fat perch
d) nothing

What character quality best describes Bear?
a) honest
b) selfish
c) giving
d) trusting

What character quality best describes Fox?
a) selfish
b) giving
c) sly
d) honest

What did Fox tell Bear to use to fish with?
a) his hand
b) his tail
c) a stick
d) his snout

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