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Which of the following is a type of predator
a) whale
b) grasshopper
c) deer
d) lion

A community and its physical environment together is a(n)
a) ecosystem
b) population
c) habitat
d) niche

In a large grassland ecosystem, the largest population is that of
a) producers
b) consumers
c) herbivores
d) omnivores

In a population, the following occurs if the number of birth equals the number of deaths
a) decreasing population growth
b) zero population growth
c) increasing population growth
d) under population growth

Which group of vertebrates comprises the largest number of endangered species?
a) mammals
b) fish
c) birds
d) reptiles

If we uncover half of the forest, covering the earth, what crisis will be produced at most and at first?
a) some species will be extinct
b) population and ecological imbalance will rise up
c) energy crisis will occur
d) the remaining half of the forests will maintain this imbalance

The most important human activity, leading to the extinction of wildlife is:
a) pollution of air and water
b) hunting for valuable wildlife products
c) alteration and destruction of natural habitats
d) road construction

Which is the most endangered species?
a) The blue whale
b) The Asian elephant
c) The Alaskan bear
d) The ivory-billed woodpecker

Wildlife is continuously decreasing. What is the main reason of this?
a) predation
b) cutting down of forest
c) destruction of habitat
d) hunting

A gradual change in an ecosystem which could occur over hundreds of years is
a) invasion
b) succession
c) gradualism
d) mutualism

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